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TwiML™ Voice: <Connect>



<Connect><Stream> is now available in the Ireland (IE1) and Australia (AU1) Regions.

Regional support is not available for <Room>, or <VirtualAgent>.

<Connect> is a TwiML verb that works together with nested TwiML nouns to connect Voice calls (over PSTN or SIP) to other Twilio services or external services.

Connect Nouns

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The nouns that you can nest inside of <Connect> are listed in the table below. Click on a TwiML noun to see its docs page and how to use the noun with <Connect>.

<Room><Connect><Room> connects a call to a Programmable Video Room
<Stream><Connect><Stream> starts a bidirectional MediaStream
<VirtualAgent><Connect><VirtualAgent> connects a call to a Dialogflow VirtualAgent

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