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Interactive Voice Response

Twilio makes it simple to build IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, into your business's contact center. IVR allows incoming voice dialers to navigate a phone menu to pull down the right information, perform automatic transactions and lookups, and find the right person to help. Supplement your human operators or bypass them completely for common transactions and information requests.

By combining decoded DTMF tones with some simple web application logic, you'll be building your call center's menu in no time. Here we've gathered snippets, tutorials, guides, and full sample applications for various IVR use cases across many web languages and frameworks.

Not a developer? See our IVR(link takes you to an external page) page and our high level Interactive Voice Response Buildout view.

Phone Tree IVR Tutorials

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The most common IVR use case is to build a simple navigation menu for incoming callers. For common cases, this should get your customers - and potential customers - to the right department. These tutorials show how to use the TwiML <Gather> verb with common web languages and frameworks to create a phone tree.

IVR Screening, Recording, and Transcription Guides

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It's simple to add voicemail support to your contact center when the call center's closed or a customer needs a callback. These sample applications use the TwiML <Record> Verb then automatically transcribe calls to text for your agents (and salespeople) to better route or handle.

IVR Sample Code and Customer Integrations

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Your particular IVR setup will be unique to your business, but you can tie-in a lot of prior art and best practices from our sample applications and customer examples. We also give you the freedom you need to include your IVR and routing logic into Salesforce or your CRM. These links show how others have built IVRs with Twilio in the past - both with our library-supported languages and others as well.

Help with Twilio IVR Implementation

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Interactive Voice Response is both a tool and a means to an end in your contact center. The best setups tie seamlessly into tools such as TaskRouter to instantly assign tasks to human operators when needed, or use transcription and recording to assist your workforce. Your Twilio IVR build will save customer time and reduce negative feedback (and customer frustration!) while getting people where they need to go.

We're always ready to help you with your implementation and best practices - get in touch with sales(link takes you to an external page) or support(link takes you to an external page) and we'll get you going with IVR in no-time flat.

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