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DialingPermissions HighRiskSpecialPrefix Resource

Returns the list of high-risk prefixes for a country.

DialingPermissions HighRiskSpecialPrefix properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
string Not PII

A prefix is a contiguous number range for a block of E.164 numbers that includes the E.164 assigned country code. For example, a North American Numbering Plan prefix like +1510720 written like +1(510) 720 matches all numbers inclusive from +1(510) 720-0000 to +1(510) 720-9999.

Read multiple DialingPermissions HighRiskSpecialPrefix resources

Parameters in REST API format
get iso_country_code Not PII

The ISO 3166-1 country code to identify the country permissions from which high-risk special service number prefixes are fetched

Example 1
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