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Parallel and Serial SIP call (Beta)

This feature allows customers to dial multiple SIP endpoints both sequentially and in parallel.

Parallel calling

Your user Alice has four different ways to contact her. You can call her cell phone, SIP soft phone, SIP desk phone and SIP mobile client. This feature allows you to call all the end points at the same time. The first call to pick up is connected to the current call and the rest are hang up. For each noun (Sip, Number, Client) you can specify what call progress events you want to receive webhooks for.

This is applicable only for outbound dialing.


        Serial calling

        In contact centers you have multiple agents to answer the call. If one of your agent is busy you would want the caller to be connected to another agent. This feature allows to call all the agents sequentially. The priority of the call is based on the order within the Dial verb. For the below example, if Alice rejects or did not answer then the call will go to Bob. Similarly if Bob rejects or did not answer then the call will go to Charlie.

        This is applicable only for outbound dialing.


              You can use up to ten nouns (Sip, Number, Client) within a Dial verb to call simultaneously or sequentially.

              Join Parallel and Serial SIP calling Beta

              If you want to be part of the Parallel and Serial SIP calling Beta, please fill out our Request Form with your information, and you will be contacted with more details.

              NOTE: As this is a beta feature, we do NOT recommend this feature to be running in production environments!!

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