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Media Streams

Access real-time media to control and extend your voice application.

Get direct access to your communications

Twilio is designed to help you turn your ideas into reality. Media Streams opens up the Twilio Voice platform so you can have secure access to the raw audio stream of any phone call, all in real-time.

Integrate with Twilio partners

Teach your voice applications new skills. Twilio Media Streams supports integration with leading APIs and third-parties so you can craft new capabilities fast. Point your application at an endpoint to unlock new features with a simple API call.

Extend your voice applications

Whether you’re tying in custom built infrastructure to your voice application, integrating your favorite APIs, or adding new features to your Twilio app — Media Streams makes it easy to ship new experiences on Twilio.

Integrate voice into your infrastructure

Media Streams works with any voice stack. Now, you can embed voice in the systems your business relies on using rock-solid documentation and an API platform millions of developers rely on.

Solve complex problems with agnostic voice data

Media Streams’ voice data is yours to use in whatever way you see fit. Now you have the flexibility to solve specific problems for your business by understanding what’s happening in your calls in real-time.

Send voice data to and from Twilio

Write custom logic to control voice data inside and outside the Twilio ecosystem. Using Media Streams, you can pass voice data to a third-party to perform a task and route that voice data back into Twilio.


Media Streams ensures our customers have great call experiences. It’s helped us increase call center productivity by monitoring customer experience through real-time sentiment analysis.

Jonathan De Jong, VP of Engineering

Use cases

Media Streams works in the context of a traditional Twilio voice application, like an IVR, that serves customers directly, as well as your contact center, like Twilio Flex, where your agents are serving consumers. You have discrete control over your voice data within your contact center to build the experience your customers prefer.

Real-time transcription

Transcribe customer interactions programmatically.

Natural Language Understanding

Use our AI-powered platform to understand customer conversations.

AI-driven knowledge base

Deliver resources programmatically to help agents reduce time to resolution.

Voice biometrics

Authenticate your customers based on the sound of their voice.

Sentiment analysis

Identify and score the sentiment of a conversation for real-time action.


$0.004 / minute