Get Started with Twilio Voice: Record Caller’s Voice Screencast

In the fourth installment of Twilio’s Voice Quickstart Series, we introduce you to the <Record> verb.

This walkthrough shows you how to set up an interactive IVR so your caller can be connected to another number, as demonstrated in the previous screencast, or record a message that will be played back to them. When your caller records a message it will be hosted in a php doc and played back to them using a recording url.

View the docs for the video here and watch previous screencast covering <Gather> to connect your caller to a second person here.

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  • David

    I want to take it one step further. i want to give the option for the caller to listen to their message and press 1 if they are satisfied with the message; or press 2 if they want to re-record.

    Now, if they press 2, meaning they want to re-record, i want to delete the 1st recording. How do I know the sid of the recording that was done in one previous request?