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Resolving Call Log and Call Usage Discrepancies

If you are comparing your call logs (through either your Console logs(link takes you to an external page) or the API /Calls List) against your call usage (through either the Console Usage page(link takes you to an external page) or the API Usage/Records) there are a number of considerations to keep in mind for a proper comparison.

Match Call Logs with Usage Logs

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In order to match call logs with Usage API, keep these points in mind:

  1. The count in the usage API is the number of events (# of calls, in this case)
  2. The usage returned via the Usage API is the total number of BILLED minutes per call , rounded to duration defined by the pricing model ( minimum and round quantity )
  3. In the usage console, call usage is displayed separately as "voice minutes" and "client minutes". Since client calls are a separate entity in the usage API definition, you will need to get the usage for calls and client calls separately.
  4. Not all calls listed in call logs are billed. For example, calls with status : Failed , or Busy , are not billed and the usage API will not add the usage from those calls.
  5. Internally, the date parameter defaults to midnight. When querying the call logs for a month, use < 1st day of next month as the end boundary (do not use <= last day of this month ).

Rectify Billing and Call Logs

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ParameterUsage (API and Console)Logs (API and Console)How to Reconcile Usage and Logs
Duration of CallsMeasured in minutesMeasured in secondsRound up duration in your call logs to the nearest minute to match the usage logs.
Voice vs. Client CallsClient and Voice calls are treated separatelyClient and Voice calls are mergedAdd your voice and client usage minutes together to match the combined logs.
Call Billing TimeThe start date of the call is the date we use to attribute itN/AIf a call begins in one month and ends in another, usage would be attributed to the first month..
Call Time ZoneCalls timezone is always in UTCCalls will be in UTC or your local time zoneIf your logs are in your local time zone, normalize them to UTC to match usage.

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