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Increase Call Answer Rates with Voice Integrity



This page contains general information on Voice Integrity, along with some implementation details.

If you're ready to enable Voice Integrity on your account(s), go to the Voice Integrity Onboarding page.

Voice Integrity Overview

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The Problem: Spam Labeling of legitimate calls

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Analytic engines in the US are increasingly labeling phone numbers as spam leading to reduced call answer rates and increased blocking of calls due to negative reputation.

Voice Integrity lets you remediate spam labels on your phone numbers and eventually monitor their reputation.

Voice Integrity is a new Trust Hub offering that lets you register your phone numbers in order to:

  • Remediate spam labels
  • Monitor phone number reputation (coming soon)

What you can do today?

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Through Voice integrity, you can register your Twilio Phone Numbers via Trust Hub REST API and console. These phone numbers will be registered with analytic engines for Tmobile, Sprint and AT&T.

  • In the coming months, we will integrate with the analytic engine for Verizon Wireless as well. If you have already signed up for Voice Integrity, there will not be any additional action needed. We will make automatically remediate the reputation of your registered phone numbers with Verizon Wireless when available.
  • You will eventually be able to monitor the reputation of your phone numbers by looking up the reputation of each phone number on each network and also signing up for notifications for reputation degradation.

In order to signup for Voice Integrity, you will need the following:

  • Approved Primary Customer Profile in Trust Hub for your business
  • If you are an ISV, then approved secondary customer profile for your tenants

What else can you do to increase your call answer rates?

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  • Register for Shaken/Stir . This is important because having highest level of Shaken/Stir attestation informs the analytic engines that you are a legitimate caller.
  • Register for CNAM .
  • Register for Branded Calling
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Get started with Voice Integrity Onboarding

Get started with Voice Integrity Onboarding

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