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Voice Integrity Onboarding



This page provides information about Twilio's Voice Integrity onboarding process and links to onboarding directions.

If you're looking for information on Voice Integration and implementation details, go to the Increase Call Answer Rates with Voice Integrity page.

There are two different options for enabling Voice Integrity on your account(s):

  1. Using the Twilio Console
  2. Twilio's Trust Hub REST API.

You will need to know whether you are a direct customer or an ISV/Reseller.

  • You are considered a Direct Customer if your employees are reponsible for making the calls. This includes Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Call Centers.
  • You are considered an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)/Reseller if your customers are responsible for making the calls using your product.

Voice Integrity Onboarding in the Twilio Console

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If you want to use the Twilio Console to enable Voice Integrity, refer to the Voice Integrity Console Onboarding Instructions.

Voice Integrity Onboarding with the Trust Hub REST API

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Choose the instructions that correspond to your business structure.

Prerequisites for Voice Integrity registration

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The customer needs following in order to get an approved Voice Integrity bundle:

  • Approved Primary (and/or Secondary) Business Profile
  • Phone number(s) assigned to the Business Profile (only these assigned Phone Numbers can be registered for Voice Integrity)


The API flow for Voice Integrity Private Beta is subject to change.



Twilio's Compliance Operations team is responsible for vetting the Business Profile. The time to vet can be between 24 to 48 hours.

When will the phone numbers registerd to Voice Integrity bundle be remediated from spam label?

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The time to remediation can be between 24 to 48 hours.

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