Generate Simple Twilio Apps with TwiML Builder

Matthew McConnell

Developer and DOer Matthew McConnell thought it would be helpful to have a click, drag and drop UI to make TwiML documents. So one weekend he built it – meet TwiML Builder, an handy tool that let’s you build, host and share your TwiML documents in a cool dashboard interface.

Matthew is a PHP developer based in Blackpool, England with ten years of web development under his belt. He’s a keen contributor to FuelPHP and loves to “create great web apps, hopefully making life easier.”

We ask Matthew what his inspiration was to build his own TwiML doc solution:

“To be honest, I came across Twilio via a server monitoring software package. I did some research and thought it was a really great service.

I am a minor contributor to the PHP framework called FuelPHP, so I decided to write a package to access Twilio services and generate TwiML.

After that, I thought it would be good to have a click/drag/drop UI to make Twiml documents. So on July 6th at about 10pm, I decided to do it and by Sunday, it was online and working.”

Check out the screenshots below, or better yet, go build something.

You can try out TwiML builder here.