Introducing Alice: New Voice, New Languages and Improved Text-to-Speech Capabilities


<Say> hello to Alice, the latest Twilio voice engine. Alice speaks 26 dialects, so you can communicate with customers, clients and callers in their own language. Developers use Twilio’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities to greet callers, speak prompts or build confirmations into phone calls without any need to record the dialogue in advance. Getting started with Alice is incredibly easy – just modify the <Say> verb with the voice attribute using a set of simple values. Here’s an example:

Read the voice engine documentation here. This new TTS capability will not impact your current apps using the values ‘male’ and ‘female’, but offers an improved option. Check out this full list of the 26 dialects Alice speaks:

  • Danish, Denmark
  • German, Germany
  • English, Australia
  • English, Canada
  • English, UK
  • English, India
  • English, United States
  • Catalan, Spain
  • Spanish, Spain
  • Spanish, Mexico
  • Finnish, Finland
  • French, Canada
  • French, France
  • Italian, Italy
  • Japanese, Japan
  • Korean, Korea
  • Norwegian, Norway
  • Dutch, Netherlands
  • Polish, Poland
  • Portuguese, Brazil
  • Portuguese, Portugal
  • Russian, Russia
  • Swedish, Sweden
  • Chinese, PRC
  • Chinese, Hong Kong
  • Chinese, Taiwan

    To learn more about Alice’s functionality, please visit our documentation on the verb <Say>.

    Hear Alice’s voice here:

    • Chris Ismael

      Wow! I need to modify this tutorial to use this native Twilio text-to-speech feature then –

    • Panagiotis Kefalidis

      Why no Greek? It’s obvious it’s already in the engine but not enabled I guess. I’m in crazy need of that :( Damn it, I was so happy when I’ve seen the new support but now.. completely disappointed.

    • Are we going to see support for Arabic anytime soon?

    • iSpeech Dev

      iSpeech supports more languages (including Greek and Arabic) and I’ll leave the quality comparison to you…

    • Panagiotis + Mr.MMM, We’re working on featuring new languages like Arabic and Greek. We’ll keep you posted as soon as they are available. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Panagiotis Kefalidis

        I hope it’s within the time TwilioCon starts otherwise I lose traction in my product. You’ll be making my life so much easier if you support it natively, than the mambo jumbo I have to do now with verbs.

      • Thanks, looking forward to build stuff using it.

    • AbdulRahman Shaheen

      What about Arabic language support? When we expect to see Arabic language support.

    • Yuri Koval’ov

      Language support for Ukrainian would be nice too!!

    • Panagiotis Kefalidis

      I just hope that the PMs of this feature don’t think that, there isn’t enough market to care about those languages. Let me tell you, that the fact you might not have that much market from those countries is that you don’t support their local languages so people choose not to use Twilio but the competition (which is sad, but true). The faster a mandatory feature like that is there, the faster you’ll gain market in those countries as well.

      • Panagiotis, Thanks for you’re feedback. We are working to expand the languages we support for TTS and we value your insight. We’ll share your thoughts with the team.

    • Jesse Draper

      this is a definite improvement. Many customers complain about the terrible robotic voice. This is better but still falls short of other systems. I appreciate the improvement.

    • Stas Svishov

      Is there way to listen/preview/test some of them?

      • Yep. You can listen to a sample of Alice’s voice on the SoundCloud widget embedded at the end of the post. Let us know if you have any questions.

        • Stas Svishov

          Is this English-US?
          Would be nice if u guys had a way for us developers to test Say Commands in the web interface without running actual code and using minutes. I understand that Twilio is phone APIs, but still…:)
          If my application is generating bunch of SAY commands, i want to be able to copy and paste them into text area (for example), hit a button and hear the interface speak it the result!

    • Cameron

      Would be nice if we could get a male version as well. Perhaps you could call him Alex!

      • A possible addition in the future, we’ll keep ‘Alex’ in mind!

    • Just a small error I noticed: in the code above, if you copy it as it, it actually will return the error ‘Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “voice”. Please ensure that the response body is a valid XML document.’ since the quotes used (”) are actually both “right double quotes” instead of the the regular (“) quotes that XML expects.

      • Hey Ryan, We just updated the code. Thanks for catching that error!

    • Brad Satchell

      its a touch to fast well i am listening from australia in a remote location using next g4 wireless connection , it just sounds a bit jumpy and fraction to fast
      ok hope that helped
      Brad Satchell

    • I Need To Delete My Account.
      I Was Confused For A Second Here.

      • Hey Joseph,
        If you have any problems with your account please let us know and we’re happy to help:

    • Gbenga

      Hey, i need to use Alice with the syntax Twiml.Say() what parameters should i provide here assuming it’s cshtml file rather than xml

    • Quick suggestion: please make audio samples for all dialects. I’d be very curious about en-CA and fr-CA personally.

    • santhosh

      can i get .Net code to integrate TWILIO Text to Speech.