Service Level Agreements

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

The table below outlines each service level agreement (“SLA”) and the specific services that are covered by the corresponding SLA (“Covered Services”). Any capitalized term used but not defined below will have the meaning provided in the corresponding SLA.


Covered Services:

Application programming interfaces branded as “Twilio”.

Mail Send application programming interface for the services branded as “SendGrid” or “Twilio SendGrid”.

The following six (6) Twilio Flex functionalities necessary to perform critical real-time interactions between Customer and its customer(s):

  1. Agent Logging into Agent UI

  2. Incoming Customer Voice Call

  3. Incoming Customer Message

  4. Outgoing Agent’s Voice Call

  5. Transferring a Voice Call

  6. Completion of Assigned Tasks

The identify, track, page, screen, group, and alias http endpoints that ingest data that Customer submits to the Segment Services.