REST API Java Quickstart


The Twilio REST API allows you to make outgoing calls and query meta-data about your account such as phone numbers, calls, and recordings. The goal of this quickstart is to build an application that makes an outgoing phone call and gets a list of previous calls using the Twilio REST API.

Accessing the REST API

In order access the Twilio REST API, you will need a basic HTTP/HTTPS client to perform that actual requests. Fortunately, Twilio gives you a little help making HTTP requests from your web application. Head over to the Helper Libraries page and download the code and examples for your preferred language.

Do I need a web host for this tutorial?

No! You only need a computer with an Internet connection.

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Need some help?

We all do sometimes; code is hard. Get help now from our support team, or lean on the wisdom of the crowd browsing the Twilio tag on Stack Overflow.