Breaking an iPhone is easy; fixing it is hard: mail-in repairs take days, and repair shops (if there’s even one nearby) can’t always be trusted. Many people have important information on their mobile phone, which they access on a daily basis, and they don’t want to be without it. Founded to make iOS device repairs quick, convenient and reliable, iCracked ensures that consumers aren’t left stranded when their iPhone, iPad or iPod malfunctions.

Initially, iCracked listed hundreds of iTechs’ personal phone numbers on their website, which was highly inefficient and frustrating for customers who had to cold call down the list to find an available technician. iCracked then turned to a virtual phone system offering, which lacked the APIs for building advanced automation capabilities. In addition, without call tracking and recording, it was difficult to monitor customer interactions and virtually impossible to guarantee service. The communications platform in place also failed to scale with iCracked, resulting in poor call quality and dropped calls.

iCracked needed a powerful and flexible communications platform that would enable them to easily integrate advanced communications features into their business processes.


iCracked relies on Twilio SMS and Twilio Voice to automate work scheduling, measure technician productivity, support real-time customer communication and deliver superior customer service.

One project on the horizon is a distributed international call center built on Twilio, which will expand current call center capabilities. As a result, managers will be able to better track customer support activity and the Concierge Team will be able to transfer live customer calls directly to an iTech in the field, creating efficiency and customer satisfaction gains.


Since 2012, iCracked has connected their certified technicians, called iTechs, with more than 300,000 customers, supporting the company’s innovative approach to streamline selling and buyback processes of iOS devices, and automate customer communications.

“Twilio’s APIs are powerful and flexible, allowing us to create new functionality in just a couple of days,” said Martin Amps, iCracked’s CIO. “Our imagination is often the limitation.”

Due to iCracked’s continued growth, Twilio has proven to be more economically viable – less expensive than alternative solutions on a per-minute basis. In addition to this, they have been able to scale without any hiccups. In March 2013, iCracked sent more than 200,000 SMS notifications and used more than 160,000 voice minutes per month – numbers that are growing at a rate of approximately 15% per month.

In addition, Twilio gives iCracked the power and functionality to deliver, measure and constantly improve service quality. For iCracked, everything boils down to customer service. “Our customers really like how easy it is to use,” said Amps. “They can put in a request and within 60 seconds are notified that their request has been received and a local iTech will contact them very soon.” Amps shared that, since the company has been using Twilio, he hasn’t received any complaints about communications – a perfect case of no news is good news!

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