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Maximize your return on every campaign. Combine first-party data from Segment with the best in digital communications from Twilio to build what you can’t with out-of-the-box solutions—customizable marketing campaigns at any scale.

Twilio, SendGrid, and Segment benefit Marketers
Twilio, SendGrid, and Segment benefit Marketers

Boost lifetime value, not impressions

Deliver campaigns and relevant offers to customers with personalized, data-powered marketing. With Twilio, create high-impact marketing campaigns at scale, on any channel, with APIs and software powered by our industry-leading, unified customer data platform.

10 trillion

customer data points tracked

1.7+ trillion

emails sent in 2021

157+ billion

messages sent in 2021


monthly API uptime


Build a comprehensive marketing solution with the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform

Twilio Segment CDP

Unify your data, build customer profiles, and create personalized engagement across channels on a single, trusted platform.

Twilio Engage

Drive personalization and efficient growth with Twilio Engage — the first and only customer engagement software built on the #1 customer data platform (CDP) and #1 customer engagement platform (CEP).

Marketing Campaigns

Build email marketing campaigns at scale, from ideation to implementation, with drag-and-drop tools or a code editor.

Twilio Sendgrid Email API

Build a custom email program with the Email API trusted by top brands to deliver at scale without interruption.

Programmable Messaging API

Build personalized customer reengagement—at scale—over SMS, MMS and WhatsApp with a single API.

Conversations API

Engage customers in two-way conversations from ads or search results to provide recommendations and drive sales.

Need help building? No problem.

Work with one of our trusted partners to get coding support or explore a pre-built marketing solution.

Work with Twilio Professional Services to set up global call tracking for your company
Work with Twilio Professional Services to set up global call tracking for your company

““The combination of Twilio and Segment will empower us to provide customer magic moments and communication that’s highly relevant.””

Christine Li, Director Of Marketing Technology

““Segment allows us to connect the dots and fill in the blanks. With just a traditional email reporting funnel, you're missing the opportunity to capture the full value that an email program provides.””

G Scott Stukey, Director of Marketing Analytics

“With Marketing Campaigns we were able to execute much quicker than we had previously. We cut down on deployment time, and were able to integrate additional pieces of our marketing stack.”

Craig Olinger, Vice President of Digital Marketing

Marketing solutions

Why build a customized marketing solution with Twilio?

Make the most of your marketing budget
Make the most of your marketing budget

Make the most of your marketing budget

Get a complete understanding of your ROI and make well-informed campaign investments with advanced dashboards for customer data, email, and messaging.

Gain a granular view of customer events, and see channel deliverability insights that depict campaign effectiveness beyond vanity metrics like opens and clicks.

Use cases

Data-powered tools for next-generation customer marketing

Promotional discounts and offers

Drive conversions with advanced customer data and factual information to create personalized email, SMS, and MMS messages that highlight relevant offers.

Lookalike audience targeting

Increase your advertising efficiency by creating high-intent, lookalike audiences powered by your own customer data set.


Drive lifetime value and brand loyalty with offers and behavioral nudges that keep customers coming back for more.

Ongoing and seasonal campaigns

Support ongoing and seasonal campaigns like “Black Friday” and “Back to School” with relevant, enticing offers on email, SMS, and MMS.

Onboarding campaigns

Drive engagement with your brand throughout the onboarding process, and collect valuable data to help build better product experiences.

Upsell expansion

Drive customers towards other purchases within the same brand with personalized, relevant offers.

Customer loyalty programs

Learn from historical customer conversions and reward those behaviors with loyalty campaigns like exclusive access, sneak previews, status rewards, and more.

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Introducing Twilio Messaging Engagement Suite

Get simpler development, quicker time to market, and higher deliverability rates.* See how Message Scheduling, Link Shortening with Click Tracking, advanced data, and real-time dashboards can benefit your business. 

* In an evaluation of more than 63M messages sent through Twilio with shortened hyperlinks, messages with shortened hyperlinks by 3rd party Link Shorteners were filtered at 1.96% or 28x the rate of Twilio which was filtered at a rate of 0.07%