Phone numbers

Toll-free numbers

The ideal phone number choice for text messaging in the US, with high throughput and a programmatic verification process.

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are 10-digit phone numbers (think the traditional 877-234-5618). These easy-to-remember phone numbers can be registered to a brand and used to send text messages, just like short codes and long codes.

Toll-free number use cases

Alerts and notifications

Use toll-free messaging to deliver important alerts and notifications to customers. Luma Health handles appointment confirmations, reminders, and more communications seamlessly for 7M+ patients.

Healthcare hards


patients reached

Medical Symbol


providers serviced



channels for communications

Toll-free number features

  • High-throughput

    Toll-free messaging throughput starts at 3 messages per second (MPS) with the option to raise to 150MPS+ with onboarding onto high-throughput toll-free

  • One number for messaging and voice

    The same recognizable number to support customers over SMS messages or calls, with the voice-enabled capabilities of 10DLC

  • Delivery receipts

    See if and when your messages are delivered to customers’ handsets for full transparency into message performance

  • BYO number

    Use an existing toll-free number and enable it for messaging to create a single branded identity that’s easy for customers to remember, like vanity toll-free numbers (1-833-PET-MART)

  • API & Software for Onboarding

    Register and verify all of your toll-free numbers through our API or Console experience

  • Largest range of use cases

    Toll-free numbers cover the broadest range of use cases for messaging in the US and Canada

What are the benefits of toll-free texting?

Start sending sooner

Provision toll-free numbers and expedite the onboarding and compliance process through Twilio’s API and console solutions.

Scale with the market leader for toll-free messaging

Twilio is the industry leader in toll-free verification and has a large phone number inventory with 65,000+ local prefixes reaching customers in 180+ countries.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Start sending without worrying about contracts and commitments. You only pay for what you use, with volume discounts available as you scale.

Getting started with toll-free numbers

  • Provision a toll-free number

    Sign up for a Twilio account to get started. You can instantly purchase a toll-free number in the Twilio Console or through the REST API. Or, port in a toll-free number you already own and enable it for text messages.

    How to buy (or port in) a toll-free number

Get your messages delivered reliably with a branded toll-free number

Find out why toll-free numbers are becoming the ideal choice for business messaging. Fast-track your number verification and deliver the same trusted experiences to customers.

FAQs about toll-free messaging