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Conversation-based pricing

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Countries not listed are included under "other” countries and are charged the same fees.

Conversation-based pricing

WhatsApp charges per user- or business-initiated conversation in 24-hour increments that start when the first message from a business is delivered. This rate is passed through and depends on the destination country. Twilio charges a separate flat-rate per message platform fee for any and all countries.

What is a conversation?

A conversation is fixed, 24-hour window of interactions between a business and a consumer. Conversations begin either when a business sends an initial WhatsApp message to a consumer, or when a business replies to a message received from a consumer.


Conversations: 1001 First 1,000 free per month

1,001 10,001+

Per message: 1

1 50,001+

User-initiated pricing breakdown

Conversation rate (per 24 hours) $0.0

Twilio per message rate $0.005

Learn about special pricing for Conversations API customer care and commerce use cases.

Conversations can begin with a message from users or businesses

A user-initiated message example

User-initiated conversations

Users are the person or entity communicating with a business. These types of conversations include customer support and commerce inquiries.

A business-initiated WhatsApp conversation example

Business-initiated conversations

Business-initiated conversations include post-purchase notifications, alerts, and reminders. These can be two-way conversations or outbound-only notifications to users.

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