WhatsApp Business API pricing

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WhatsApp pricing is calculated based on Meta's conversation-based pricing fee and Twilio's per-message fee. The Meta conversation-based pricing fee varies by use case and is charged in 24-hour increments that start when the first message from a business is delivered. The number of messages vary by conversation.

Countries not listed are included under "other” countries and are charged the same fees.

Utility conversation

Facilitate a specific customer request, transaction, or update about a transaction (i.e. post-purchase notifications and billing reminders).


Authentication conversation

One-time passcodes. See Verify WhatsApp pricing


Marketing conversation

Any business-initiated template that does not qualify as utility or authentication (i.e. promotions, offers, informational updates, or invitations for customers to respond or take an action).


Service conversation

Any user-initiated conversation, such as a customer support inquiry. These conversations are started when a business responds to an inbound message from a user with a non-templated (i.e. free form) response. The first 1,000 service conversations are free.



* Prices may change from time to time without notice. Calculation does not include add-on features.


Engagement Suite

Enhance your WhatsApp messaging functionality with features for better customer engagement and marketing performance.


Twilio per message fee

Link shortening/click tracking and message scheduling

First 1,000 are free monthly

*Limited free trial through March 31, 2024, all messages will be billed at $0.0000 regardless of volume. Per message charge is added to base message fee whenever one or more Engagement Suite features are utilized.


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