Twilio Trust Center

 Twilio is the trusted platform for customer engagement with security, privacy, and resilience built in at every layer. Learn about our policies and principles that make it possible for you to meet your requirements for secure, compliant, engaging experiences at global scale.

Delivering a trusted experience is at the forefront of everything we do

Illustration of secure communications and data.


Safeguard your communications and data

Twilio services are designed to keep your data secure, provide options to manage risk, and be reliably available. Twilio has regular external audits to demonstrate our commitment to enhanced customer trust and assurance.


Comply with global regulations

Twilio has taken the complexities of global telco regulations and compliance—and created a platform that simplifies the process of engaging customers around the world effectively and compliantly.

Illustration of privacy commitments in Twilio’s Binding Corporate Rules.
Illustration of Twilio’s best-in-class data protection program.


Keep your data private and protected

Entrust your company and customer data to Twilio’s best-in-class data protection program. Our products are designed to keep data secure while adhering to the most up-to-date data protection laws around the world.


Platform reliability is our top priority

Twilio is constantly exploring ways to prevent downtime or disruption. We are focused on proactive capacity management, database growth, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance while providing transparent updates on any issues we're investigating.

Illustration of Twilio’s proactive capacity management, database growth, and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Building trust

Twilio Trust products

Trust Hub

Create a single verified Business Profile to deliver trusted communications across trust products including  A2P 10DLC verification, CNAM, Branded Calls, SHAKEN/STIR authentication.

User Authentication & Identity

Build customizable identity and verification solutions to remove friction from onboarding and transactions without sacrificing security.

Our commitments to trust

Visit the trust centers on Twilio Segment and Twilio SendGrid to review all our policies.

Trusted platform

Working together to build trusted relationships

We’re continuously strengthening our trust and security programs to help you deliver the communications your customers are expecting in a secure and timely way. We believe it’s a shared responsibility, along with our customers and partners, to ensure regulatory and compliance standards are met as we build the future of communications—together.