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A2P 10DLC numbers and registration

Create a local calling or messaging experience with 10DLC numbers that are verified for greater customer trust and deliverability. Simplify the registration process with Twilio as your partner.

Image showing that you can build regional campaigns that support a  local messaging experience for greater consumer trust and engagement.

What is A2P 10DLC?

Woman managing an online delivery service through a mobile application that incorporates a mandatory registration process to benefit from higher throughput, increased deliverability, and improved customer engagement.

Application-to-person 10-digit long code numbers (A2P 10DLC) are dedicated routes for US business messaging. They are local numbers with an area code like 415, 212, or 310 for a local messaging experience.

After completing 10DLC registration, brands can send SMS messages with increased throughput and deliverability—capturing the benefits of short codes without the cost or long time to market.

10DLC phone number use cases

Alerts and notifications

Send timely alerts and notifications through 10DLC numbers for local, trusted messaging interactions. DoorDash delivers secure messages between dispatch, dashers, and customers to coordinate seamless deliveries.

7,000 cities

DoorDash coverage

50 states

where DoorDash delivers

45 minutes

between order and delivery

10DLC features

  • High-throughput

    Increased throughput up to 225 messages per second per campaign with 10DLC numbers

  • One number for messaging and voice

    The same familiar local number for SMS messages or phone calls

  • Recognizable, local number

    Increase open rates with a local 10-digital long code your customers recognize

  • 10DLC registration

    Save time on your A2P 10DLC registration with one verification process in Twilio’s Trust Hub

  • Reduced filtering

    With A2P 10DLC compliance, deliver high-volume business messages over A2P routes with reduced filtering

  • API & software for onboarding

    Register your 10DLC number successfully as an enterprise business or hobbyist developer

What are the benefits of A2P 10DLC numbers?

Trusted customer relationships

10DLC registration is part of an industry-wide effort to create a trusted messaging ecosystem where customers answer texts and calls without fear of spam or robocalls.

A local experience anywhere

Provide local, compliant messaging anywhere in the US with 10DLC. With Twilio, you have access to the largest number inventory, plus powerful connectivity and reliable APIs.

Reliable, scalable connectivity

Twilio has over 4,800 global carrier connections and a platform built to handle the highest traffic peaks—we processed 4+ billion messages and 64 billion emails during Cyber Week with 100% uptime.

Getting started with 10DLC numbers

Join Twilio’s fully verified 10DLC ecosystem to communicate with customers on the most trusted, reliable local numbers.

  • Choose your local number

    Select a local number from Twilio’s inventory of US A2P 10-digit long code numbers. You can search for area codes to target a specific region.

Need help? 

Build and register your A2P 10DLC application with Twilio Professional Services.

All your messages delivered reliably with a local A2P 10DLC number

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