Twilio retail solutions

Deliver a seamless digital retail experience

Personalize every step of your customer journey with a single omnichannel retail solution. Streamline, secure, and win trust at every touch using all your real-time customer data at scale.

Person using Twilio  to connect through preferred channels while having a great costumer experience.

It's time to reimagine retail and ecommerce marketing

Put first-party customer data to work in real-time so you never miss a step of a shopper’s evolving journey. Twilio gives you the reach to meet customers anywhere, the insights to know what they’ll be looking for next, and the tools to build efficiently. When you understand customers, it’s easy to deliver delightful experiences.

Retail use cases

Personalized omnichannel communications that reach customers anywhere

Engage seamlessly anytime, anywhere

Use real-time, first-party data to deliver tailored interactions at scale via top channels like SMS, chat, email, voice, and more. Twilio lets you create a better customer journey to meet shoppers on their terms.

  • Personalized omnichannel marketing

    Delight every customer with seamless, targeted campaigns across their favorite channels

  • Customer 360

    Gain a unified view of behavior from real-time intent signals to personalize interactions, reduce churn, and lift LTV

  • Digital clienteling

    Enable reps to give personalized, expert guidance over preferred channels at scale to improve conversions

Illustration of a person connecting with costumer service through different channels.

Case studies in data-driven customer relationships

Learn how top retail brands are replacing their rigid, disjointed digital customer experiences with personalized omnichannel relationships.


Digital retail solutions

Twilio Flex

Deliver cross-channel support with a smart, scalable digital clienteling and contact center solution for retail.

Twilio Engage

Deliver personalized engagement and follow-up via preferred channels anytime, anywhere with a single streamlined platform.


Unify cross-platform data on a Customer Data Platform to gain a holistic customer view and build personalized journeys.

User Authentication & Identity

Build effortless customer onboarding and transaction experiences with 2FA, real-time verification with phone data validation.


Communicate with customers across SMS, Facebook, or WhatsApp and launch retail text marketing campaigns with reliable APIs.


Reach customers with the Email API trusted by top retail and ecommerce brands to deliver email at scale.


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Getting started

Make every journey meaningful with the leading platform for retail engagement

Integrate all your first-party data in Twilio's scalable platform to understand customers and deliver the ideal omnichannel retail experience at every step. Pay as you go—and only for what you need—plus unlock discounts as you scale.