Mobile-based identity intelligence in real time

Lookup uses mobile-based signals to provide smooth and robust protection for digital platforms and users, minimizing fraudulent activities without compromising the experience.

 Illustration showing how a business can use Lookup to verify a customer’s phone number as a security measure.
 Illustration showing how a business can use Lookup to verify a customer’s phone number as a security measure.

Verify, secure, and optimize engagement with one integrated API

Lookup API adds a seamless layer of security to customer relationships using real-time phone data. Improve conversion and delivery rates, spot risk, and halt fraud. Then integrate with Twilio Verify, Programmable Messaging, and more to enhance your engagement solution with best-in-class security.

New Feature

Identity Match

Prevent bots and false account creation. Confirm user identities by matching user-supplied data using a specified phone number against authoritative sources.


Improve security, conversions, and delivery at once

Phone intelligence data being used to deliver a smooth, secure messaging experience.
Phone intelligence data being used to deliver a smooth, secure messaging experience.

Reduce risk and fraud

Protect against fraud with authoritative phone intelligence data. Lookup API uses real-time risk signals to detect fraud and trigger step-up authentication when needed. Determine if a number is valid by identifying the line type as mobile, landline, VoIP, temporary number, and more. Stop fraudulent SIM swaps and fake accounts for secure relationships at scale.

  • Integrate with Twilio Verify, Programmable Messaging, and more to secure uses cases for onboarding, engagement, and support.

  • Spot risk signals in real-time by requesting data packages from multiple sources for accuracy and fill rates without slowdown.

  • Secure accounts with high throughput for zero throttling, plus latency checks scaled to your contact list and message volume.

Use cases

Put up-to-date phone intelligence to work at scale

Improve message deliverability

Delivery errors frustrate users who expect real-time communications. Improve contact rates by validating a number before you send. Distinguish mobile numbers from landlines, format numbers correctly, and optimize SMS routing with carrier data for optimal delivery.

Personalize messaging and voice calls

Personalization is key to a quality customer experience. Identify inbound callers globally by determining the name associated with phone number to personalize engagement over SMS and voice calls, and enhance your marketing at any scale.

Enrich data and risk models

Businesses use customer data to enrich user profiles and understand risk. Access real-time user signals like phone line type, SIM tenure, connectivity status, carrier, and more to improve risk models, scrub contact lists, and make more accurate business decisions.

Mitigate fake accounts and takeovers

Stopping SIM swap fraud, fake account creation, account takeovers, and promo abuse is a business priority. Halt takeovers when you identify risk signals of compromised numbers. Mitigate fakery with Line Type Intelligence that spots suspicious virtual numbers.

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Build trusted relationships upon real-time insights

  • User Profile
    Formatting and Validation

    Validate and reformat phone numbers automatically to match national and global dialing standards for optimal deliverability.

  • Network tower with signal
    Line Type Intelligence

    Identify the carrier and phone line type from mobile, landline, fixed VoIP, non-fixed VoIP, toll free, and more to mitigate fake accounts, scrub contact lists, and improve deliverability.

  • Call forwarding
    Call Forwarding

    Expose voice channel compromise and at-risk numbers with real-time access to the call forwarding status for mobile numbers. Only available in the UK.

  • Chat bubbles
    SMS Pumping Risk Score

    Powered by advanced machine learning models, SMS Pumping Risk Score can effectively identify and flag malicious behavior associated with phone numbers involved in SMS Pumping Fraud.

  • User Profile
    Caller Name

    Identify inbound callers then personalize outreach using the verified caller or business name to improve conversions, security, and customer experience. Only available in the US.

  • SIM Card with search icon
    SIM Swap

    Detect SIM swap to stop fraud and account takeovers with timestamps and dates of any SIM changes, plus configurable risk tolerance that enables accurate modeling and metrics.

  • Users consulting
    Identity Match

    Prevent bots and false account creation. Confirm the ownership of a mobile phone number by comparing user-supplied data against authoritative sources.

  • Phone with checkmark
    Reassigned Number

    Check if a phone number has been reassigned since the user's last consent date. Increase user conversion and avoid legal breach by reaching out to the right person

“We’re not just relying on traditional methods but also relying on these new signals that can help prevent fraud. It is safe to say that we have caught several signals of fraud using Identity Match”

Peter Laptewicz CPO, Tradier Inc.


Enhance your engagement solution with seamless security in one API

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