Building great customer experience.

Uber operates a global network of town cars, and a mobile experience that allows any customer to request a town car pickup. Customers are kept up to date with text messages as the status of their request changes - when a driver accepts the request, when the driver is less than a minute away, and if the ride has been cancelled for any reason.

Never leave a customer in the cold.

Fast delivery of customer notifications is critical when the transaction is real-time. A delivery delay of more than a minute can leave a customer standing in the rain waiting for a ride they didn’t know was cancelled. Likewise, if a customer’s town car has arrived and the customer hasn’t received the notification, the customer experience suffers. “We built the Uber experience without Twilio initially,” explains Travis Kalanick, CEO - “and the problem was, people were not getting the high-quality experience we were promising. The kinds of problems we were seeing with other providers, we just haven’t seen with Twilio. I sleep easier, and my engineers sleep easier because we’re not dealing with situations where it’s taking 15 to 20 minutes for a text to be delivered.”

Globally Uber.

For any growing company, being able to scale deliverability internationally is just as important as scaling domestically. "Uber is now launching in a lot of international markets, and Twilio has helped us scale internationally as we grow as a company" says Curtis Chambers, an Engineering Manager at Uber.

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