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  • By Aaron Foss
    Nomorobo Helps Stop Fake IRS Calls LKCrUEQpfOIKseiGC44gpt_l_7sLhDBf5YlXCK2nY9oa0cjwJdlBGUsHBWoWkHNEq0Qnwl3XpuNffaAygiLmICD9FiJ1eMtMYbigT9Xry3aO4KWex1h3DD0eC9xpk7ri02EBMio0

    “Hello. This is Agent Bloom calling you from tax crime investigation unit of Internal Revenue Services. This is to inform you that IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you and within one hour you will get arrested from your house...”

    Sound familiar? Every day, thousands of people are victimized by robocalls like this, particularly during tax filing season.

    Go where the money is: criminals on the phone

    Criminals used to rob people with guns. Now they use the phone.

    They pretend to be technical support and fool you into paying thousands of dollars to “fix” your computer. They pretend to be the Chinese Consulate and threaten (in Mandarin, of course) to have you deported. They pretend that you’ve won a free cruise or an all-inclusive vacation when all you’ve really “won” is a smaller bank account.

    At Nomorobo, protecting people and businesses from these and other kinds of …

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