Illustration showing how a business can use Verify to authenticate a user’s identity as an account security measure.
Illustration showing how a business can use Verify to authenticate a user’s identity as an account security measure.

A multi-channel user verification solution in one turnkey API

Add seamless two-factor authentication to your onboarding and login flow with a single API that does the work of a full one-time password (OTP) delivery solution.

Fraud Guard protects Verify users from expensive SMS pumping fraud
Fraud Guard protects Verify users from expensive SMS pumping fraud
New Feature

100% Protection from SMS pumping fraud with Fraud Guard

Fraud Guard has already saved customers over $45.5 million by blocking over 398 million* fraud attempts. With first-to-market innovation, Fraud Guard offers 100% protection against SMS pumping fraud.

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Reduce fraud at scale without the workload

Diagram of how the Twilio Verify API works
Diagram of how the Twilio Verify API works

Build with out-of-the-box convenience

Quickly integrate a ready-use solution that handles all your connectivity, channels, code generation, fraud monitoring, and more using native software—so you don’t have to.

Mitigate fraud seamlessly

Reduce fraud across your multi-channel user experience with phone number verification that uses one API endpoint to validate users and detect fraud with minimal friction.

Optimize OTP conversions

Ensure global deliverability via preferred channels like SMS, voice, email, WhatsApp, push, silent device approval, and time-based one-time password (TOTP).

Verify ROI

Forrester Consulting ROI calculator

A commissioned study by Forrester Consulting found Twilio Verify provided 174% ROI. Try our new calculator to estimate what your business can achieve with Verify.

Use cases

Seamless user authentication for your whole customer journey


Onboarding and signup

Offer a seamless, secure experience across channels that prevents fake account creation and drives conversions.

Logging in

Protect your authentication flows to prevent account takeovers, and bolster end-user trust and loyalty.


Protect high-value transactions and purchases to reduce payments fraud globally.

Managing accounts

Validate password resets, device changes, user reactivation, and other account changes to boost retention.

Confirming number and email owners

Confirm possession of phone numbers and emails to ensure reliable end-user communication at scale.

Fraud Guard

Block fraud by detecting artificially-inflated SMS traffic with automated, built-in fraud detection tools.

Need help setting up Verify?

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A simple solution to passwordless verification at scale


Skip the challenges of scaling with an API that validates over 4.8 billion users per year—including for Black Friday and the Super Bowl.

  • Send personalized messages globally using a certified pool of high-capacity numbers pre-provisioned for Verify API.

  • Improve delivery rates with carrier-approved messages templates that automatically translate across 42 languages.

  • Optimize customer experience, conversions, and security using built-in tools for compliance, analytics, and reporting.

Twilio code helping scale globally
Twilio code helping scale globally
How Authy can validate your credentials
How Authy can validate your credentials

Offer users a convenient security experience with Twilio Authy

Simplify your users’ verification process with the top consumer authentication app, Twilio Authy. Works with Verify API to support multi-device syncing, cloud backups, and fast account recovery across channels, including push and TOTP.

Download for Android, iOS, and desktop.

“Twilio Verify greatly reduces our own support costs, over other verification methods. It’s a no brainer ... having Twilio as the backend for our authentication just allows us to keep growing without any concern”

Suhas Joshi Engineering Manager

“With Twilio Verify, our customers reach the next level of protection for their financial transactions, with a frictionless user experience.”

Dominic Heyden Cofounder and CTO

“Integration [with Verify API] was extremely fast, it was a nice surprise. We aren’t used to being able to integrate with a third party so easily.”

Pablo Abad Head of Site Security


Reduce fraud and overhead with a fully-managed verification API

Sign up for free to start building without commitments. Only pay for each successful verification with Twilio’s flexible pay as you go pricing.

*based on Twilio's publicly available price list as of 7/14/2023