Automated customer surveys

Use Twilio APIs to send SMS surveys, phone surveys, and email surveys at scale. Learn what your customers are thinking, gather reviews for promotions, and deliver better customer satisfaction.

How to send your customers phone, email, WhatsApp, or text surveys

Step 1
Choose communication channels to integrate
Boost survey response rates when you reach customers on the channels they prefer. Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp, SMS, phone, and email surveys with your existing tech stack.

Step 2
Develop your automated survey solution
Create your surveys and add business logic using the programming language of your choice. Control the flow for delivering your questions and recording feedback.

Step 3
Set up webhooks and test delivery
Use webhooks or Twilio Event Streams to collect your response data. Test on selected channels and in targeted regions to ensure your customer survey is working correctly. 

Step 4
Deploy, collect responses, and act
Log survey results in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Customer Data Platform (CDP), or data warehouse to analyze and improve your business.

Send automated surveys to customers on their preferred channels
Send automated surveys to customers on their preferred channels

Products you need to build customer surveys

Reliable APIs to deliver your customer surveys on the right channel at the right time.

  • Twilio Phone Numbers logo
    Phone numbers

    Choose the appropriate number type for your customer surveys from our inventory of 10DLC local, toll-free, short code, or alphanumeric numbers.

  • Twilio SendGrid Email API logo
    Email API

    Deliver an email survey with Twilio SendGrid’s Email API for reliable delivery.

  • Twilio Messaging logo

    Deliver a text message survey through SMS or WhatsApp with Twilio’s Programmable Messaging API.

  • Twilio Programmable Voice logo
    Voice API

    Deliver the survey through a programmatic phone call with Twilio’s Voice API.

Send your first SMS, WhatsApp, email, or voice survey

Sign up for Twilio and create your first customer survey today. Use our Quickstart guides, tutorials, and Code Exchange templates to get started.

//Send a SMS message using Twilio with Python
import os 
from import Client

account_sid = os.environ['TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID'] 
auth_token = os.environ['TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN']
client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

message = client.messages \
    .create( body="Join Earth's mightiest heroes. Like Kevin Bacon.", 

Build automated SMS surveys with Python and Twilio

Launch text surveys using Twilio Programmable Messaging and Python. 

Build an automated survey using Programmable Voice and Python

Connect a Twilio phone number to a Python application and send voice-based phone surveys.  

Build automated surveys with C# and ASP.NET MVC

Use the Twilio C# helper library and TwiML to deliver a voice survey. 

Prefer not to code? No problem.

Work with one of our trusted partners to get coding support or explore a pre-built marketing solution.

Work with Twilio Professional Services to set up global call tracking for your company
Work with Twilio Professional Services to set up global call tracking for your company

Why choose Twilio for customer surveys

Increase open and response rates, whether you are sending a customer survey to one person or 100,000.

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