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  • By Alaina Kafkes
    So It Goes: Sending SMS with Golang Vonnegut books

    Whether stored on your phone, on Post-It notes, or in a book, everyone has their share of quotes that they look at to seek inspiration. Personally, I follow @Kurt Vonnegut. No, not the real (dead) Vonnegut: just a human or bot that tweets out some of his famous quips.

    Remembering Vonnegut, an idea struck: what better way get started with Twilio than to send Vonnegut quotes to all of your friends? That’s exactly what this blog post goes over: how to send SMS text messages with Vonnegut quotes in Golang.

    Let’s Go: Developer Environment Setup

    Before we can get coding, take a moment to install Golang on your computer. Follow the instructions for your operating system, and feel free to test your installation locally.

    If you’ve never seen Golang code before, I recommend that you poke around the Golang Tour. If you really want to dig deeper, …

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