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  • By Brett Meyer
    Abstraction and Orchestration — How We Built the Twilio API for WhatsApp swPWhRBK3bGwlnpulhFQiesmuj4QwnIN0oTZYJpQDfvCoLjy-A03Cne5Mwo40RylvbyDUWyMb6VxC1MZIESEYVTa_pVlMa5vGgZOSXsejmcJamcMS8q7I9nRtT5TAZ3UyDJAn3io

    Businesses want to be where their customers are and popular messaging apps are those places today. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Viber and other popular messaging apps have already rolled out APIs that businesses can use today. But until very recently, there was one notable holdout—WhatsApp.

    More than 1.5 billion people globally use WhatsApp everyday to talk to friends and family as well as for work and collaboration, and in August this year WhatsApp launched the highly anticipated WhatsApp Business API. Businesses have been clamoring for an officially supported way to communicate with WhatsApp users for years now. The excitement is more than justified.

    Twilio provides one Messaging API that developers can use to easily integrate with a variety of channels. In addition to SMS and MMS, it supports Facebook Messenger, LINE, RCS and now, WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp is a unique messaging platform with end-to-end encryption …

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