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  • By Brenda Minor
    How digital health surveying is critical to flattening the COVID-19 curve REDCap Blog Header

    Despite herculean efforts by first responders and health workers around the world, the coronavirus has managed to stay one step ahead of us, costing more lives every day. We can’t stop COVID-19 without first accurately and comprehensively tracking new infections. Until testing for COVID-19 is widely accessible, surveying remains one of the best tools available to public health organizations to quickly understand how the virus is spreading and explore ways we can collectively flatten the curve.

    Organizations across the public health sector use surveys to inform COVID-19 response efforts in a variety of ways:

    • Departments of health survey citizens for COVID-19 symptoms to understand virus hot zones in their region
    • Hospitals remotely monitor the health of patients and frontline healthcare workers to prevent hospital overcrowding
    • Universities collect data for critical research studies on the virus, including for ongoing clinical trials of the efficacy of COVID-19 pharmaceutical treatments and vaccines …
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