Join Twilio in Urging the Senate to Restore Net Neutrality Protections

The fight is far from over. Congress needs to hear from innovators and small businesses about preserving the freedom to communicate. An important vote to protect net neutrality is scheduled to take place in the U.S. Senate and we need you to contact your Senators. What’s happening On Wednesday, May 9th, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to use a procedural rule to attempt to protect net… Read More

Tell Congress that Net Neutrality Matters to Innovators

Today is a Day of Action in support of an open internet and urging Congress to restore the net neutrality principles that were recently rolled back by the FCC. Twilio is proud to power the communications of non-profit organizations helping mobilize constituents on this important issue.  Here are two quick actions you can take: Call your members of Congress at Battle for the Net. Sign the petition at… Read More

Best Practices for Responding to Government Requests for Information

Twice a year, Twilio publishes a transparency report to inform our community of how many government requests for information we received, how we responded to the requests, and how we notified the affected users. You can find Twilio’s reports, including the one for the First Half of 2017, on our website and on Github. When viewed across industries, transparency reports provide insight on important public policy… Read More

Tell the FCC that Net Neutrality is Important to You

The future of the internet is at stake. We hope you’ll take a moment to tell the FCC how important net neutrality is to you. Net neutrality empowers consumers to use the websites and applications that they want without service providers throttling traffic or blocking content. It ensures that innovation and competition — not merger deals — pick the winners and losers of the market. It protects activists, freedom… Read More