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  • By Joe Nash
    Inside a winning TwilioQuest extension Inside a winning TwilioQuest extension

    Last week, we released TwilioQuest extensions, a toolkit for you to create your own content and missions with TwilioQuest. What better way to kick the tires on these new tools, than with a retro-game themed hackathon? We challenged the 300 students at Hack-cade to build the best TwilioQuest extension. Although all the submissions were spectacular, one in particular captured our hearts and took the prize. Read on to learn how to create a winning TwilioQuest extension, from La’Kaleigh, creator of bot.NET.

    Sharing the love of C#

    TwilioQuest is at its heart an educational game, and whilst you can create all sorts of experiences with your own missions, La’Kaleigh decided to follow the example of existing missions like the Top-secret Javascript Test Lab and Mysteries of the Pythonic Temple by teaching a programming language. La’Kaleigh’s go-to programming language is C#, and so she aimed to create an extension that would …

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  • By Joe Nash
    Give your student club a boost with TwilioQuest Give your student club a boost with TwilioQuest header

    The TwilioQuest Student Club Grant is available to help student groups learn together with TwilioQuest. Through the grant, student groups holding TwilioQuest workshops can get up to $500 financial support, Twilio swag for their members, and support from local Twilions.

    In service of the TwilioQuest mission to help everyone discover their power to change the world with code, the grant will be awarded on a needs-first basis, with priority given to organizations serving underrepresented groups in technology.

    Supporting student group leaders

    Student groups are an integral part of the college coding journey. Through these groups and events like hackathons, students get exposure to tools and frameworks that can help them land their first job or bring their dream projects to life.

    In thousands of clubs around the world, student group leaders perform the heroic task of creating and presenting workshops for their fellow students. The TwilioQuest Student Club Grant aims …

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