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  • By Jonathan Williams
    Announcing Twilio Microvisor Private Beta for IoT Developers Twilio Microvisor Private Beta

    Microvisor is Twilio’s next generation IoT device builder solution aimed at bringing APIs all the way down to the edge. It will enable the embedded developers of the world to easily build properly secure IoT devices with:

    • a lifetime of managed connectivity and security,
    • built-in over-the-air upgradeability, and
    • true remote application debugging!

    For those of you new to Microvisor, here is a video introducing its capabilities:

    And we have now reached Private Beta status with this exciting new platform, which means that you can experience Microvisor for yourself!

    How to leverage Twilio Microvisor to get your IoT devices connected

    The unique feature of the Microvisor approach is that you don’t need to change your way of working to add the Microvisor features into your device.

    You develop your embedded application targeting the STM32U5 your way, be that a bare metal application, or built on top of a real time …

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  • By Jonathan Williams
    Now Available: Microvisor Pilot Documentation Twilio IoT Microvisor Pilot Documentation

    It is rare that one launches entirely new platforms to the market. At SIGNAL 2020, we announced Twilio Microvisor, a new IoT platform for builders of connected devices, and I can now provide an update on reaching a major first milestone with the Pilot documentation going live today. This will enable any embedded engineer to build their products with Microvisor in mind.

    For those of you new to Microvisor, here is a video introducing its capabilities:

    The Microvisor development has been progressing at pace and we are well on the way to deliver the first code in a few months’ time. Internally, we have the Microvisor cloud implementation up and running, as well as the OTA upgrade of real devices taking place. The secure device firmware is also racing along, with connectivity, upgrades, and cloud communications all functional.

    Hardware wise, the Nucleo form factor development boards have returned from …

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  • By Jonathan Williams
    Twilio Microvisor to use Brand New Low-Power STM32U5 MCU with Advanced Performance and Cybersecurity Microvisor STM32U5 Family

    Since the SIGNAL launch announcement of the Twilio Microvisor, where we announced a new approach to delivering the necessary IoT foundational components, a lot has happened.

    We announced Microvisor itself back in September as a new IoT Device Builder Platform which leverages the Arm® TrustZone® technology for Cortex®-M processors to offer unmatched IoT security, and provides powerful features such as remote debugging and fail-safe over-the-air (OTA) updates.

    We’ve since been working hard on implementing both the device and cloud pieces of the solution as well as speaking with numerous pilot program applicants to understand their needs and wants. As part of this, we have really started to zone in on the key careabouts when it comes to building secure IoT devices at scale. And today, we’re excited to announce Microvisor will first target the low-power STM32U5 family from STMicroelectronics.

    Key IoT considerations for embedded engineers

    There is obviously a …

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  • By Jonathan Williams
    Introducing Twilio Microvisor IoT Platform Microvisor Launch Banner

    Earlier this year, the team of Electric Imp joined Twilio IoT. From their decade of experience building IoT solutions, we learned that customers love the convenience of a platform approach – whether it’s managed security, the reliability of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, or the powerful device lifecycle management features. Some customers, however, expressed the desire to maintain their ability to write native code on the device.

    We knew that there had to be a way to re-imagine the IoT developer experience, while leveraging the vast expertise of the Electric Imp team and the existing sophistication of their platform. So we set out to create the IoT platform we’re launching today: Twilio Microvisor.

    Microvisor is a different approach to IoT development, and the existing Electric Imp platform will remain a highly relevant solution for many. Before diving into the specifics and the key differences between the two, let me …

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