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  • By Jonathan Williams
    Introducing Twilio Microvisor IoT Platform Microvisor Launch Banner

    Earlier this year, the team of Electric Imp joined Twilio IoT. From their decade of experience building IoT solutions, we learned that customers love the convenience of a platform approach – whether it’s managed security, the reliability of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, or the powerful device lifecycle management features. Some customers, however, expressed the desire to maintain their ability to write native code on the device.

    We knew that there had to be a way to re-imagine the IoT developer experience, while leveraging the vast expertise of the Electric Imp team and the existing sophistication of their platform. So we set out to create the IoT platform we’re launching today: Twilio Microvisor.

    Microvisor is a different approach to IoT development, and the existing Electric Imp platform will remain a highly relevant solution for many. Before diving into the specifics and the key differences between the two, let me …

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