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  • By Joe Previte
    How to Release a Custom React Component, Hook or Effect as an npm Package ORXOra5m--S2QumnCfLwH_eCmlbMkYQ2BuIeSDbYT0KizCG2idnIgP6xz_EeIcmdwtq446pHDY5f3iNASDN16OD8cscswfAy4ARnnH3ScJxEfg9c3AVoACtMHV2fEW3c7UjABzsr

    At my previous company, I was chatting with a coworker about getting more into open source. I told him I wanted to release an open source npm package. He suggested I try it with a custom React hook/effect I had written the month prior. It had the purpose of closing a dropdown menu or container when you clicked outside of it.

    Together, we ambitiously tackled the goal and released a package called react-use-click-away 🎉 It isn’t a perfect package but it gave us that experience we were longing for.

    While figuring out how to do all this, I realized it felt more intimidating than it should have. To solve that, I’m going to show you all the things you need to know in order to release your own custom React component, hook or effect as an npm package 😎 Let’s do it!

    Things You Should Know

    Before we jump in, …

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  • By Joe Previte
    Identify Unknown Phone Numbers with Python 3, AWS Lambda, Twilio Lookup and SMS yq5zLkCfUFXfnq3eUlOjkM6oGzJMGVmwBT54nLVanuWt89DrhM0IelXCqJ6FErJTDeNv096tZzkHdpRbjtFssmyWQW25cPpPngLULcmpSjHYtIprWe1U4oZcPVi7W9tB5u13Xiiw

    Ever receive a text, probably from an old friend, but you don’t have their number saved? And you’re too embarrassed to ask, “Who is this?”.

    Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. But today, we’re here to tell you that we have a solution to avoid this situations! Let's build a small Python app that uses Twilio Lookup and SMS to help you lookup phone numbers over text on the go.

    The Tech Stack of Our App

    Our app will use two AWS products and two Twilio APIs:

    - AWS Lambda: the serverless environment which will hold our functions

    - Amazon API Gateway: our API which exposes our Lambda to our Twilio number

    - Lookup: to look up the phone number and see who it belongs to

    - SMS: to send us a text with the phone number.

    Here’s how everything will work together:

    1. We’ll send a text …
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  • By Joe Previte
    Identify Unknown Phone Numbers with JavaScript, Twilio Lookup and SMS qUascKFxN9r_GVqOW2coJIFt9aSMvXby-nBre4z4h84UeyrY9gXhfnDpQd1ShsnrZtwMUcmmN4sEgtE-csVFzmOOKorGZqrwbqIuLC9DSUNUmUY3iw9HocLr7gIls_thJ78ersV4

    You know that awkward feeling when you get a nice text from a friend but for some reason, you don't have their number saved? You can't remember and it’s too late for you to respond with, "I'm sorry. Who is this?"

    We're going to save you from the embarrassing moment of not knowing who it is by building an app that will let you identify numbers on the go over text.

    How We’re Going to Avoid This Problem

    Our app will take advantage of three Twilio APIs:

    - Functions: the serverless environment which will hold our app

    - Lookup: to look up the phone number and see who it belongs to

    - SMS: to send us a text with the phone number.

    The combination of these three will allow us to send a text with a phone number to our Function which will then perform a Lookup …

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  • By Joe Previte
    Tracking #100DaysOfCode Tweets using JavaScript, Node.js, Firebase and Twilio SMS 100daysofcode

    Two years ago, Alexander Kallaway created an online movement called #100DaysOfCode. The purpose was to get out of “tutorial purgatory” and start building real projects to advance himself as a programmer.

    The challenge is simple: commit to coding for 100 days and tweet about your progress using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode. Sounds fun, right?

    It totally is, until you lose track of what day you’re on. That’s where this comes in. We’re going to build a simple Node app using Twilio, Firebase and Twitter to help you easily track your progress.

    Prep Local Environment

    The very first thing we’re going to want to do is install Node v8.11.3 and npm v5.6 – link to installation. The reason we’re using Node is because we’re going to be working with multiple APIs and working on the server-side. Node provides a great JavaScript-powered backend.

    Before we move on, verify that Node was installed …

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