Atma Connect gets people to safety fast with text-based disaster warnings

Do you or a developer you know code for a nonprofit or social enterprise? can help with API credit and discount pricing to increase your impact. Massive floods are common during Indonesia’s monsoon season. Houses and roads are often inundated with floodwaters, and extreme weather sometimes displaces thousands of residents and causes dozens of fatalities each year. Government early warning systems exist but are unreliable,… Read More

Democracy Works: Helping democracy thrive in a mobile-dominated world with SMS

Turnout in American elections is uniformly low. In presidential election years, roughly 60% of Americans vote, but that number falls to 40% in midterm elections and the low teens for municipal races. Although voter apathy is a factor, the primary culprit is the voting process itself. The majority of non-voters find it complicated and confusing. Democracy Works is fighting to shake up the status quo with… Read More

PATH Uses SMS Data Alerts to Help End Malaria in Zambia

In Zambia’s Southern Province, the fight to end malaria begins with a knock on the door. An army of community health workers, dedicated volunteers chosen by their communities, are trained and equipped to test and treat their neighbors for malaria. A positive malaria cases triggers a targeted response: the community health worker visits the home of the patient and tests everyone there. If anyone tests positive… Read More