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  • By Kris Gutta
    Twilio partners with Google Cloud for Voice Based Rapid Response Virtual Agent Twilio partners with Google Cloud for Voice Based Rapid Response Virtual Agent

    In these unprecedented times, getting quick answers to common COVID-19 questions can help people navigate uncertainty. Twilio is partnering with Google Cloud to provide connectivity over PSTN or SIP with the ability to program call flows for Contact Center AI’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent program

    Google Cloud is making Contact Center AI’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent program available to government agencies, healthcare and public health organizations, and nonprofits, as well as businesses impacted by COVID-19, including travel, financial services, and retail.

    How it works

    Twilio Media Streams provides the ability to access the audio in real-time from your active phone calls. Using Media Streams in your applications allows you to integrate seamlessly with first or third party services. Media Streams powers the integration between Twilio and Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI via Dialogflow. The Contact Center AI receives the stream, processes the request for intent, and responds with audio. …

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  • By Kris Gutta
    Introducing Media Streams: Improve customer call experience in real-time Media Streams Blog Header

    With Media Streams, we are opening up the Twilio Voice platform by providing businesses with real-time access to the raw audio stream of their phone calls. Now businesses can leverage the audio of their calls to improve customer experience by understanding the quality of a call in real-time through  sentiment analysis or AI-driven knowledge assistants to enhance agents’ abilities to address customer needs. With just a few lines of code, businesses extend the capabilities of their Twilio voice application in real-time by integrating with their own applications or utilizing third party services.

    Why Media Streams?

    As advancements in AI and machine learning continue, an increasing number of new technologies and services must be pulled together to create voice experiences that meet customer expectations.

    Some ways businesses can take advantage of Media Streams include:

    • Resolve difficult customer conversations by using sentiment analysis to flag customers having bad experiences, allowing supervisors …
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  • By Kris Gutta
    Introducing 50+ additional Text-to-Speech voices with Amazon Polly Integration Kielet-2

    We are excited to announce that Twilio now supports Amazon Polly, adding more than 50 voices, 25 languages, and new APIs to give developers more control over synthesized speech output in their Programmable Voice applications. With Amazon Polly, Twilio developers now have control over the volume, pitch, rate, and pronunciation of the voices that interact with their users.

    Text-to-Speech (TTS)–also known as speech synthesis, is a process where text is rendered into audio using a human-sounding voice. TTS enables developers to create smarter interactive voice applications by generating speech dynamically, rather than playing static, pre-recorded media files. The Programmable Voice verb has long supported Text-to-Speech: you provide the text, and synthesizes speech in real-time and plays the audio back to the call. For example, the following TwiML plays back Hello World in US English.

       <Say>Hello World!</Say>

    Before today, ’s built-in Basic TTS supported three voices, each with …

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  • By Kris Gutta
    Agent Conference is now Generally Available Agent Conference is Generally Available
    • Connect agents and customers with a simple API.
    • Allow supervisors to privately coach agents during a live call.
    • Allow supervisors to take over a call from an agent.
    • Let agents dial outbound to customers from within a conference, so that customers connect immediately when they pick up.

    We are excited to announce that Agent Conference, Twilio’s solution for bridging customers to contact center agents, is now Generally Available. With this simple API, developers building contact center solutions can easily connect customers with agents and add supervisors to the line to coach agents through the Twilio Programmable Voice API.

    Twilio’s verb can be used to create two kinds of conferences: those intended for large group collaboration with up to 250 participants, and small conferences with up to a handful of participants – typically a customer, an agent, and perhaps a supervisor. While both conferences share a number of features that …

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  • By Kris Gutta
    Speech Recognition is Now Generally Available Speech Recognition Generally Available
    • Convert speech to text and analyze its intent during any voice call.
    • Support for 119 languages and dialects.
    • Now Generally Available.

    We are excited to announce that Speech Recognition is now Generally Available. This allows developers to convert speech to text and analyze its intent during any call coming through the Twilio Programmable Voice API.

    With Speech Recognition, there are no models to train or machine learning to orchestrate. You simply specify that you’d like to take voice input and you’re good to go. It works in 119 languages and dialects and has a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

    Here are some areas where Speech Recognition will come in handy:

    • IVR phone tree navi …
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  • By Kris Gutta
    Answering Machine Detection support in 6 European countries including Germany, UK, France germany-france-unitedkingdom-twilio-amd

    In March, we announced the beta of an enhanced Answering Machine Detection, that determines if a person, answering machine, or fax picked up so that you can deliver the right message. We have received invaluable feedback during the beta process that allowed us to tune the models to improve the detection accuracy. Initially, Answering Machine Detection only worked in the USA and Canada, but today, we’re excited to announce support for the following six countries in Europe:

    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • Netherlands
    • Sweden
    • Finland

    Our mission is to power the future of communications, which means empowering developers globally. Now with Answering Machine Detection supported in these regions, you can route calls picked up by human to agents, or choose to disconnect the call or leave a message if answered by a machine.   

    Using Answering Machine Detection in one of these countries doesn’t require any special configuration as we take …

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  • By Kris Gutta
    Introducing 30 additional languages with Speech Recognition languages

    At SIGNAL this year, we announced the beta of Twilio Speech Recognition—a brand new feature that converts speech to text so you can analyze its intent during any voice call. It originally recognized 89 different languages and dialects to help you support your global user base. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve just added support for 30 additional languages. This brings the total number of supported languages to 119.

    The new languages just added are:

    • Amharic (Ethiopia)
    • Armenian (Armenia)
    • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani)
    • Bengali (Bangladesh, India)
    • English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania)
    • Georgian (Georgia)
    • Gujarati (India)
    • Javanese (Indonesia)
    • Kannada (India)
    • Khmer (Cambodian)
    • Lao (Laos) …
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