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  • By Kevin Krier
    What The Heck Is A Segment? Twilio Bug Logo

    Looking for information on Twilio Segment, acquired by Twilio in 2020?

    - Acquisition Announcement

    - Why Twilio acquired Segment

    You’ve crafted the perfect text message. The punch of a novel packed into a single SMS, worthy of the bard himself. Your campaign goes off without a hitch. Then, when you take a look at your costs you see they’re four times what you expected. Leading you to think: What the heck is a segment and why am I being charged for so many of them?

    We’ll pull back the covers on SMS standards to give you an answer. Here’s where we’ll cover:

    Looking Back On The Nokia Brick Phone To Understand Message Segments

    Think back to when you first started texting …

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