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  • By Katie Porter
    Bringing Cohesion to the Twilio Product Suite: Part I blog-header-image.png

    Twilio has grown into a fairly large company—we have over 8,100 employees at the time of writing—and all of us are toiling away building and maintaining our different parts of the greater Twilio machine.

    Having so much energy behind building Twilio’s products is amazing, but at this scale, it takes a lot of intentional effort not to “ship our org chart” and create a fragmented customer experience. We have a whole slew of product verticals building different pieces of a horizontal end-to-end user journey. On top of that, we’re also working to thoughtfully integrate recent acquisitions—such as Segment and SendGrid —into our product suite, and these products were built by entirely different companies. The result, understandably, is a lack of cohesion across our products and, consequently, a disjointed user experience.

    Our UX Infrastructure team— being a platform team that serves horizontally across the organization—is well-positioned to smooth the edges …

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