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  • By Kimberly Thai
    What is a Campaigns & Content Marketing Intern? What is a Campaigns & Content Marketing Intern?

    What does being a Campaigns & Content Marketer entail? During our twelve weeks interning at Twilio, we had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in Campaigns & Content Marketing (CCM). In this post, we'll talk about what it's like to use data to storytell, personalize catered content, and create campaigns to maximize pipeline.

    What does a Campaigns & Content Marketer do?

    Within the larger CCM team, there are four sub-teams: Awareness, Industries & Center of Excellence, Product & Persona, Content & Editorial, and Account Based Programs. Together, CCM delivers integrated campaigns that attract and engage potential customers to inspire them to build with Twilio’s products and drive revenue. Of the four sub-teams, we had the privilege of interning on the Product & Persona (Emily) and Account Based Marketing (Kim) teams.

    What is a persona? As a marketing strategy, personas are fictional archetypes of customers, standing in as outlets for marketers …

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