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  • By Matan Gal
    The (new) “ridiculously simple” way to send and receive messages around the world Twilio Programmable Messaging Console

    When we first launched the Twilio SMS API in 2010, we called it a “ridiculously simple” way to send messages around the world. Millions of developers have joined Twilio since then, sending and receiving more than 66 billion messages every year.

    We’re excited to launch a new Messaging Console experience with enhanced Messaging Service features like Advanced Opt-Out and Sender ID Compliance Alerts, and the ability to add WhatsApp senders to a Messaging Service Sender Pool. This is part of Twilio’s commitment to simplify the complexities of global telecommunications for developers. With the Programmable Messaging API, a single API for SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp, you can integrate Twilio with your application and configure software to manage phone numbers, improve message deliverability, handle inbound replies, and maintain privacy, compliance, and opt-out settings.

    Simpler sending starts with a Messaging Service

    What’s a Messaging Service? A Messaging Service is a container for grouping …

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  • By Matan Gal
    Message Redaction Supports Phone Number and Content Privacy for Sensitive Applications MessageRedaction.png

    Customer privacy is a big deal to us at Twilio, to improve privacy in messaging applications for our customers, we offer Message Redaction, which allows the redaction of message body and the last four digits of non-Twilio phone numbers. Messaging Redaction is now Generally Available.

    Many developers use our messaging APIs to create conversations, provide information or support critical experiences. For organizations delivering sensitive communications, the ability to prevent the storage of phone numbers or message content on Twilio’s servers can help to ensure the privacy of participants is maintained.

    Developers building with the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform are constantly creating new and novel projects to support some of their most pressing customer engagement challenges. Since every project and application is different, organizations can choose to enable both message body and phone number redaction, or both. It all depends on what’s being built.

    Getting started with Message Redaction for …

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  • By Matan Gal
    Customize opt-in and opt-out flows with Advanced Opt-Out Advanced Opt-Out

    At SIGNAL, the Twilio Customer and Developer conference, we shared a new milestone: at peak volume, more than 13,000 SMS are sent every second over the Twilio platform. 

    Whether you’re sending one message or a million messages, there are important regulatory considerations to consider. In the U.S., that includes the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) and the newly updated guidelines from the CTIA (the wireless industry trade association). Compliance becomes even more complex when you consider the global regulations that impact the messages our six million developers send every day. 

    Which laws and regulations apply will depend on the particulars of your text messaging campaign. This includes where the texts originate, where recipients of your texts are located, where your company is located, the industry you are in, and the content of your text messages. We always recommend consulting with a lawyer to ensure that you’re in compliance with …

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