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  • By Matt Jackson
    Announcing Twilio Super SIM Public Beta Super SIM Public Beta

    Global IoT connectivity you can trust

    I’m excited to announce that Super SIM has entered public beta. Super SIM is what happens when you approach cellular IoT connectivity the Twilio way — combining Twilio’s Super Network of global telecom carriers with the power of software in the cloud — in this case, a cloud based Mobile Core network. Super SIM will enable IoT builders to take control of connectivity in nearly every country in the world, at massive operational scale.

    Moving cellular connectivity from hardware to the cloud

    There’s a movement happening in IoT. You’ve probably seen the on-demand scooters and bikes transforming our cities. Cars are increasingly fitted with connected dash-cams. Maybe you’ve noticed capacity sensors in public trash cans and in parking spaces. IoT outside the home is booming, but the connectivity ecosystem has been woefully unprepared, causing headaches for developers and slowing innovation.

    Why do I say …

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