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  • By Nick Allen
    Help Build the Future of Fundraising With Reimagining Fundraising reimagining-fundraising-blog

    Calling all social impact builders! Reimagining Fundraising is offering USD $20,000 seed funding grants, technical assistance from challenge sponsors such as Twilio, and a chance to be showcased at the leading fundraising conference outside Amsterdam in October, IFC2022.

    Connecting Technologists and Nonprofits

    Nonprofits and charities globally face a generational challenge: shifting economics, the transition to digital-first engagement, and changing demographics in their donor bases call for new fundraising models. This matters because fundraising is the fuel that drives nonprofit impact. It enables organizations to take action on today's most pressing issues such as supporting people displaced by conflict or advocating for practical climate solutions.

    The fundraising challenges nonprofits face today are real. For example, UNICEF has been successful in one-time gifts which they use to help refugees from Ukraine or victims of hunger in Afghanistan. While one-time gifts are important, UNICEF is finding it difficult to build long-term relationships …

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