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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    Envie Imagens, Vídeos, PDFs, e outros conteúdos de mídia com a API Twilio para WhatsApp whatsapp-launch
    • Agora você pode enviar arquivos de imagem, vídeo, texto e PDF com até 5mb de tamanho pelo WhatsApp.
    • Enviar uma mensagem de mídia pelo WhatsApp é semelhante a enviar um MMS - tudo o que você precisa fazer é incluir o parâmetro MediaUrl em suas solicitações de API.
    • Atualmente, o conteúdo de mídia é suportado apenas em mensagens de sessão. Se a sessão do WhatsApp com um usuário expirar, você deverá aguardar que uma mensagem de entrada crie uma nova sessão antes de poder enviar uma mensagem de mídia.

    Temos o prazer de anunciar que agora você pode enviar e receber não apenas imagens e vídeos, mas também PDFs, arquivos de texto e arquivos de áudio usando a API do Twilio para WhatsApp. Na Twilio, nossa missão é permitir que desenvolvedores e empresas se envolvam efetivamente com seus clientes nos canais de mensagens de sua preferência, e isso significa poder …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    New Autopilot features 🤖 Autopilot now GA

    Since announcing the General Availability of Autopilot at SIGNAL 2019, we’ve continued to focus on making it easier to design and build bots with Autopilot. IVRs or interactive voice response systems are the most common applications being built with Autopilot today, which is why we’re excited to announce 2 new features — DTMF support and Play, to help you deliver better IVR experiences.

    We’re also seeing a lot of Autopilot bots, regardless of whether they’re deployed as IVRs or chat bots, being used to automate data collection workflows like appointment scheduling. That’s why we’re excited to announce Collect Prefill to help you build more intelligent data collection flows.

    We’re also thrilled to announce the Autopilot Plugin for the Twilio CLI so that you can use the same CLI to manage Autopilot bots that you use to manage other parts of your Twilio application. Read on to learn more!

    DTMF …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    Twilio Autopilot is now GA 🤖 🚀 Autopilot.jpg
    • Twilio Autopilot is now Generally Available.
    • Autopilot lets you build, train and deploy AI-powered bots on any communications channel.
    • Autopilot bots interface seamlessly with contact center software like Twilio Flex.
    • The following features are now available as part of the General Availability of Autopilot:
      • Bot Templates: Jump start your development with pre-built bot templates for common use cases and verticals.
      • Simulator: Test and troubleshoot bot behavior. The Simulator is available in the console and supports testing over Voice and Chat.
      • Custom Channels: Connect Autopilot bots to custom messaging channels like proprietary in-app chat or web chat.
      • Event Webhooks: Monitor the performance of your bot in real-time with webhooks for key conversation events.
      • Speech Optimization: Improve the accuracy of your IVR by optimizing the speech transcription for the data you’re expecting.
      • New task training interface: A set of new training tools in the console to make it easier and …
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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    NEW AUTOPILOT FEATURES 🎉 🤖 : Now build Chatbots with Autopilot and Studio autopilot-social.jpg
    • Programmable Chat: Autopilot now directly supports Programmable Chat, allowing you to build chatbots for your website or mobile app, or deploy Assistants you’ve already built to Programmable Chat with just a few clicks — existing logic and configuration will work in Chat conversations with zero code changes.
    • Autopilot Studio Widget: A new Studio Widget that allows you to directly add Autopilot Assistants to your Studio flows. It also makes handing off messaging interactions from your bot to an agent a lot simpler.

    The popularity of chat as a customer support channel has exploded as customers are increasingly interacting with businesses using web and mobile apps and messaging channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The asynchronous and informal nature of chat has a lot of advantages for customers and businesses. It delivers a better experience to customers by making it easy to contact support. It allows businesses to …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    Build WhatsApp Bots with Twilio Autopilot autopilot-social.jpg

    • You can now easily build WhatsApp bots with Autopilot
    • You can deploy Assistants you’ve already built to WhatsApp with a few clicks
    • Build your first WhatsApp bot today using Autopilot and the Twilio Sandbox for WhatsApp

    With Autopilot, we want to make it possible to design and program an intelligent assistant once to deploy it instantly on all the channels your customers care about. We announced Autopilot at SIGNAL 2018 with support for Voice, SMS and Amazon Alexa, and have since added Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that you can start building Autopilot Assistants for WhatsApp. You can also easily deploy Assistants you’ve already built to WhatsApp with a few clicks — existing Tasks and Actions will work in WhatsApp conversations with zero code changes.

    People increasingly want to talk to businesses on the channels they prefer. In more than 180 countries, and especially …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    Announcing the Autopilot CLI and other updates to the Autopilot developer experience autopilot-social.jpg
    • Autopilot CLI: Create, edit, export, import and delete Assistants directly from your development environment. Test Assistant behavior directly in the command line and bulk upload new Field Values. Import Dialogflow agents into Autopilot.
    • Task Editor: Create and program tasks in the console with built-in templates for Autopilot Actions.
    • <Connect><Autopilot>: Directly route live calls to an Assistant using the <Connect><Autopilot> TwiML verb.
    • Field validation for Collect Actions: Validate fields collected by your Assistant during the conversation using webhooks.

    We’ve been focusing a lot on the Autopilot developer experience since we launched at SIGNAL in October 2018. Since creating great conversational experiences requires continuous iteration and experimentation, we’ve been working on making it easier for developers to design and program Autopilot Assistants. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce four new features to help you build faster with Autopilot!

    Autopilot CLI

    Autopilot CLI

    The Autopilot CLI allows you to create, update, delete, export and import …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    Now send Images, Videos, PDFs and other media content with the Twilio API for WhatsApp Twilio API for WhatsApp : send Images, Videos, PDFs etc.
    • You can now send image, video, text and PDF files up to 5 mb in size over WhatsApp.
    • Sending a media message over WhatsApp is similar to sending an MMS — all you have to do is include the MediaUrl parameter in your API requests.
    • Media content is currently only supported in Session Messages. If the WhatsApp session with a user expires, you must wait for an inbound message to create a new session before you can send them a media message.

    We’re thrilled to announce that you can now send and receive not just images and videos, but also PDFs, text files, and audio files using the Twilio API for WhatsApp. At Twilio, our mission is to enable developers and businesses to engage effectively with their customers on the messaging channels they prefer, and that means being able to use them for rich contextual conversations. Your customers increasingly want …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    New Pricing for the Twilio API for WhatsApp Twilio WhatsApp Business API Integration
    • WhatsApp announced updated pricing for Template Messages today that will go into effect on March 1, 2019. Explore it in detail here.
    • WhatsApp charges a separate rate to deliver messages to each of more than 140 countries today.
    • This update greatly simplifies pricing for Template Messages by introducing per-country pricing for the top 24 WhatsApp markets and per-region pricing for other countries. For example, countries in Latin America that are not in the list of top 24 countries will all have the same price.
    • It also introduces standard volume tiered pricing that provides progressively increasing discounts for higher volumes.
    • It does not affect Session Messages, which will continue to be priced at $0.005 per message.

    Simplified Pricing

    A Template Message is a pre-approved message template for outbound notifications like delivery alerts and appointment reminders. You must use a WhatsApp Template Message to reach a user if more than 24 …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    WhatsApp : il y a une API pour ça WhatsApp : il y a une API pour ça

    L'API Twilio pour WhatsApp vous offre un moyen simple et fiable d'atteindre vos utilisateurs directement dans l'application WhatsApp.

    La même API que vous utilisez pour les SMS peut désormais être utilisée pour envoyer des messages WhatsApp. Il vous suffit de mettre à jour deux lignes de code. L'API fonctionne parfaitement avec TwiML et nos bibliothèques d'aide, ce qui vous permet d'ajouter WhatsApp à des flux de travail ou applications existants en quelques minutes. Elle est également compatible avec les outils de développement Twilio tels que Functions, Sync, Debugger et API Explorer.

    Pour en savoir plus sur WhatsApp et Twilio, consultez la page produit ou lisez la documentation sur l'API.

    gif de code whatsapp

    Au cours des 10 dernières années, les clients de Twilio ont utilisé Programmable SMS pour construire des expériences de messagerie innovantes pour leurs utilisateurs, qu'il s'agisse d'envoyer des notifications de transaction instantanées pour les transferts d'argent, des alertes de …

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  • By Pranav Deshpande
    WhatsApp — there’s an API for that whatsApp Email@2x

    The Twilio API for WhatsApp gives you a simple and reliable way to reach your users directly in the WhatsApp application.

    The same API you use for SMS can now be used to send WhatsApp messages. All you have to do is update two lines of code. The API works seamlessly with TwiML and our helper libraries, allowing you to add WhatsApp to existing workflows or applications in minutes. It is also compatible with Twilio developer tools like Functions, Sync, Debugger, and API Explorer.

    Learn more about WhatsApp and Twilio on the product page or read the API docs.

    Over the last 10 years, Twilio customers have used Programmable SMS to build innovative messaging experiences for their users, whether that’s sending instant transaction notifications for money transfers, food delivery alerts, or helping millions of people avoid parking tickets.

    Today, we’re helping customers like Deliveroo, Hays, SnapTravel, …

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