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  • By Sameer Dholakia
    Twilio SendGrid Day One: Building My Track Jacket App sameer_jacket_hands.jpg

    From the beginning, Twilio and SendGrid have both enshrined customer experience in their core values. SendGrid strives to be Humble and exemplify a customer-first mindset. Twilio encourages employees to Wear the customer’s shoes.

    We live those values everyday. There’s a hallowed tradition here at Twilio: every Twilion who builds and demos a Twilio powered app earns their red track jacket. Working on an application from a customer’s perspective helps us truly build empathy for our users.

    Today, as Twilio and SendGrid celebrated coming together as one company, I had the opportunity to demo my track jacket app. Using building blocks from Twilio and SendGrid I built an SMS responder which also emails a GIF using Python and the microframework Flask.

    Let’s look at how it works so you can build your own.

    Prerequisites for my SMS and Email Responder

    To reproduce my code you’ll first need to …

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