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  • By Stephenie Minami Nakajima
    Introducing JavaScript Developer of Technical Content, Stephenie Minami Nakajima Stephenie Minami Nakajima's introduction post banner image

    Ahoy! I’m very excited to be joining Developer Voices at Twilio.

    Have you ever tried learning a second language? Most of us have, perhaps in the form of a mandatory subject at school or out of pure passion. Growing up in a bicultural Australian-Japanese household and having lived in both countries, I have observed both the joy and many headaches of learning languages.

    Becoming fluent in both languages is hard enough. But you’re not done there. There are many aspects of learning languages that you need to take in, and lifelong learning is essential. Keeping both Japanese and English skills sharp, understanding and embracing cultural differences, forming your identity across starkly different cultures and traditions, and the list goes on.

    On moving to Australia from Japan, at first it was overwhelming to be completely immersed in another language. Thanks to my family, friends and teachers who were incredibly patient and …

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  • By Stephenie Minami Nakajima
    自己紹介:中嶋ステファニーみなみ ー JS Developer of Technical Contentとして入社しました Profile picture of Stephenie Minami Nakajima

    Introducing JavaScript Developer of Technical Content, Stephenie Minami Nakajima

    Ahoy! はじめまして、TwilioのDeveloper VoicesチームにDeveloper of Technical Contentとして入社した中嶋ステファニーみなみです。


    二つの言語を話せるようになるまでは簡単な道のりではありません。 いざ話せるようになっても、それで終わりではありません。語学学習には様々な側面があり、生涯学習が欠かせません。 両方の言語のスキルを磨き続けること、文化の違いを理解して受け入れること、文化や伝統が大きく異なる中で自分のアイデンティティを形成することなど、直面するハードルは数えればきりがありません。


    このようなチャレンジは様々な形で、そしてしばしば思いがけない形で報われ …

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