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Safe calling for kids

John Henry Muller, Alex P. Gates, and John Hobbs


Mobile phones have become so popular that many families are eschewing “home phones” altogether. Unfortunately, this means that children must then rely on their parent’s cell phones to call loved ones. John Henry Muller and Alex Gates created Bumblephone to solve this problem. Bumble is a safe and simple way for children to make phone calls from a kid-friendly interface to a predefined list of phone numbers set up by their parents.

Calling mom, made easy.

Parents worry about their young children using the home phone - misdialing Grandma can put them on the phone with a stranger. Enter Bumblephone - a safe way for kids to call a list of loved ones pre-configured by the parents. The child can then just open the app on the family computer, click Grandma’s familiar face, and Bumblephone connects them with a call to Grandma’s home phone, all using their microphone, speakers, and Twilio Client.

Connecting with Twilio Client

In less than two weeks, the guys at What Cheer built Bumblephone with Twilio Client and Adobe Air. The user interface is driven by Javascript, and uses Twilio Client to facilitate the connection out to the phone network through Twilio.

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Check out Bumblephone's kid-friendly interface.