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Kunal's marvelous machines

Kunal Batra

General Machines

Kunal Batra is the founder of General Machines, a new startup whose goal it is to use Machine Learning to solve real world problems. Universal Translator is a service that allows people to communicate with people that speak different languages than their own. With a simple phone call, each party will speak and hear their native language. In a few taps of the phone, you have your own personal babelfish.

Letting anyone pick up the phone.

Deaftel lets the hearing impaired and hard of hearing interact on telephone calls by way of an iPhone app that converts speech into text, and lets the user respond with their keyboard. The Guardian projects there are at least 40 million people in Europe alone that would benefit from a tool to communicate with the hearing impaired. Traditionally, these services are provided by a carrier operator who manually takes down the message and transcribes it. Now with Deaftel, users don't have to call their telephone operator to talk to a friend or loved one on the phone.

Universal translation made easy.

Deaftel is a product made for a Star Trek episode. Using everyday phones, two people who don't speak the same language can talk on the phone. One user calls the other, and by way of Twilio and some machine learning magic, as each speaks the audio is transcribed, translated into the recipient's language, and spoken back to them via Speech-to-Text.

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