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Available Courses

Twilio Platform Fundamentals

  • Understand the general principles of working with Twilio APIs and how they work together
  • Master the fundamentals of building scalable robust applications on Twilio
  • learn about Messaging, Notify, Proxy, Voice, and TaskRouter

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The Fundamentals of Messaging at Scale

  • Learn how to develop a reliable and secure high-volume SMS or messaging app
  • Get insider tips to handle unique challenges and common telecom issues such as non-delivery and segmentation
  • Find out how to leverage Twilio features like Messaging Services for high volume

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Build your Contact Center with TaskRouter*

  • Master the fundamentals of building an inbound call center with Twilio Programmable Voice and powerful features like TaskRouter and Agent Conference.
  • Get best practices for migrating from legacy systems
  • Build a working prototype by the end of the course

* Onsite training only

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Two-factor Authentication Fundamentals

  • Understand how Account Security APIs work to protect your users
  • Learn the three different API endpoints to set up two-factor authentication for secure in-app logins or transactions
  • Make sample requests and reference a 2FA application to walk through how to build your own flow

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The Fundamentals of Voice

  • Understand the basics of Twilio's Voice services
  • Delve into the different parameters, products, and features of Voice
  • Learn about common use cases, such as call forwarding or building a call menu

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Call Quality Troubleshooting

  • Designed for reseller support teams to understand the cause of common voice problems
  • Learn to successfully identify which issues a given call is experiencing
  • Develop an action plan with next steps for how to resolve common call issues

* Onsite training only

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