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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    Twilio Championsインタビュー: Doerに聞く - 本間皇成さん Twilio Champions Interview - Kiminari Homma

    デベロッパーエバンジェリストの池原です。昨年11月に始まった「Twilio Championsインタビュー: Doerに聞く」の4回目を2021年02月10日(水)に配信しました。

    過去のインタビューはこちらになります。1回目の記事ではこの取り組みやTwilio Championsプログラムについて取り上げています。そちらもぜひご覧ください。

    1回目 - Twilio Championsインタビュー: Doerに聞く - 古里武士さん
    2回目 - Twilio Championsインタビュー: Doerに聞く - 八木都志郎さん
    3回目 - Twilio Championsインタビュー: Doerに聞く - 川崎真素実さん

    今回のゲスト: 合同会社 selfree 本間皇成さん

    今回のゲストは合同会社 selfree本間 皇成さんにお越しいただきました。2回目に登場いただきました八木さんと一緒にTwilioJP-UGで長期間に渡り活動されていらっしゃいます。そのほかにもHerokuコミュニティ(J-HUG)や個人Blog「ボクココ」を運営されています。

    インタビュー中にはご本人にお伝えできませんでしたが、実は、私がTwilioに入社して初めてお会いしたTwilio Championでもあります。そんな本間さんにお話を伺いました。


    本間さんは7年ほど前に当時開発していたサービスでSMSを送信するニーズがあり、それを満たすための調査の中でTwilioを使い始めました。その後、新サービスを立ち上げる中で音声通話(Programmable Voic …

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  • By Chimezie Enyinnaya
    Build a Restful API in PHP with Laravel Sanctum Build a RESTful API in PHP with Laravel Sanctum

    Laravel Sanctum, formerly known as Airlock, is a Laravel package created for the authentication of Single Page Applications (SPAs), mobile applications, and basic token-based APIs. It can be used to issue API Tokens to your users and authenticate Single Page Applications using Laravel’s session. Laravel Sanctum poses as a simple alternative to the existing Laravel Passport package. Here are some reasons you might want to choose Sanctum over Passport:

    1. Passport is implemented with OAuth2 authentication. If you are not using that, then Sanctum is your go-to for issuing API tokens.
    2. Sanctum is a featherweight, meaning it is light and simple to implement.
    3. Sanctum works with SPAs (Single Page Applications like Vue, Angular, and React) and supports mobile application authentication.


    In order to complete this tutorial, you will need the following:

    1. Knowledge of Laravel.
    2. Basic knowledge of using an HTTP client such as Insomnia.

    As you can …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio Expands Data Protection Options for EU Customers in Light of Recent Ruling on Schrems II Schrems II Twilio

    Transfers of EU personal data to the US and other third countries have long been an area of concern for privacy-conscious EU customers and EU data protection authorities.  On July 16, 2020, these concerns came to the fore again when the Court of Justice for the European Union (CJEU) ruled on Schrems II . While Twilio has already taken significant steps to ensure data we process is adequately safeguarded wherever in the world we process it (including, among other things, our Binding Corporate Rules and issuing semi-annual transparency reports), we know that this ruling raises important questions about the impact they may have on your business.

    We’re excited to share the following details for how Twilio is taking further action to give customers greater control over personal data transfers, and we’re committed to providing updates on a quarterly basis.

    Twilio’s plan

    As regions, like Europe, continue to lead in …

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  • By Ankur Kumar
    Vaccine notifications made easier with Twilio and Microsoft’s Power Automate Copy of Photo blog Header 1.png

    Timeliness of communication this year may define the success of COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Appointments need to be kept, and doses need to keep moving.

    This tutorial is great for those who want to add SMS notifications to vaccine workflows without having to write code. We’ll build a vaccine appointment reminder using Microsoft’s Power Automate and Office365. Governments and hospital systems can use this model to set up their own SMS notification workflow quickly.


    Generally, there are four parts to this project:

    1. A Twilio account with an SMS capable number
    2. An Office 365 account with Power Automate enabled
    3. An Office 365 Excel table that holds our data
    4. A Power Automate flow to message residents every day

    One important note before we begin: For entities covered under HIPAA, ensure that security and privacy controls are in place to protect patient data. The products used in this blog: Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft’s …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Send an SMS with Svelte and Twilio Functions sveltesms.png

    In this article you’ll learn how to send an SMS from your Svelte app. Because Svelte is a client-side framework, you’ll need to have a backend server that can handle sending the message, otherwise your Twilio credentials would be exposed. For this, you’ll create an API using Twilio Functions.

    To demonstrate these concepts, you’ll build a Svelte app with a button. When the button is clicked, a POST request will be made to your API. The API will send a message and then return a response back to your Svelte app.


    In order to follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need these tools and technologies:

    • npm or yarn
    • Node.js installed on your machine
    • If you’re using VS Code, you might want to snag this Svelte extension
    • A free Twilio account (if you sign up with this link, we’ll both get $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade!)
    • A …
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  • By Twilio
    Celebrating the Beauty of Black Families At Twilio Celebrating the beauty of black families at Twilio

    February is Black History Month – a month dedicated to educating and celebrating the significant achievements Black people have made to our nation and the rest of the world. While celebrating Black culture, heritage, and history, it is equally important that we share uplifting stories about Black Families' experiences who epitomize power, strength, and resilience - the backbone of healthy, thriving Black communities.

    This year's Black History Month national theme is the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.The Association for the Study of African American Life and History chose this theme because of the Black families' centuries-long degradation in America. The negative portrayals of Black families have created a one-dimensional view that is too often widely accepted as the norm when there's so much more beauty and depth to the Black family.

    Telling our own story

    To celebrate Black History Month, the Black Twilions employee resource group put …

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  • By Diane Phan
    How to Use Wrappers in Typescript React header - How to Use Wrappers in Typescript React

    Learning React for the first time can be unnecessarily difficult. Like, seriously - how can React, a JavaScript UI library be such a challenge when it's widely used in the industry?

    You might have heard that React allows you to build custom components that can be reused throughout the project. In fact, after drawing a mockup of the web application you want to build – using boxes – you might notice some patterns or similarities between the components you create.

    With that said, how can you write code as efficiently and clean as possible while dealing with some components that might differ only slightly from another?

    In this article, you'll be exploring how to use wrappers for custom components in a basic Typescript React project so that you can practice writing clean code and reusing components efficiently.

    Tutorial Requirements

    • Node version 14.16.0 or above at the time that this article …
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  • By Josh Siverson
    Everything You Need to Know About Using Twilio Subaccounts Using Twilio Subaccounts

    This post will walk you through the benefits of using subaccounts and how to send messages via subaccounts. Subaccounts allow you to separate your usage, numbers, and settings while sharing a balance with your main account. They're a great way to segment your usage of Twilio.  

    Below are the main items we will work through in this post:

    Technical Requirements

    • A free Twilio Account - Sign up for one here through this link, you’ll get an extra $10 in credit when you upgrade.
    • A Twilio Phone number
    • A verified mobile number (for receiving SMS messages)
    • Familiarity with sending REST API requests. Here are helpful tips on running a cURL from bash or zsh or you can use a tool like Postman.

    What are Twilio subaccounts and why should you use …

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  • By Valeriane Venance
    5 ways to make HTTP requests in Ruby 5 ways to make http requests in Ruby

    Hello and welcome in this article! Today I’m going to show you five different ways to do HTTP requests in Ruby.

    Before we start writing code I want to tell you how I’m happy I wrote this tutorial. Ruby on Rails is my favourite framework in the world and as every obsessive person I tend to always use the things I love.

    Taking a step back to simple things as HTTP requests made me write and execute simple .rb files and it felt great to unleash the power of Ruby with my simple hands and not all the Rails magic that often secludes us from the basics of the language.

    And what’s even better about the classics is they work in all the more complex environments so I’ll show you here how to do it with your own .rb file but this also works in any Ruby based framework.

    That …

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  • By Valeriane Venance
    5 façons de faire des requêtes HTTP en Ruby 5 façons de faire des requêtes HTTP en Ruby

    Bonjour et bienvenue dans cet article. Aujourd’hui nous allons voir ensemble comment faire des requêtes HTTP en Ruby de cinq façons différentes.

    Mais avant de nous plonger dans le code, je voulais juste prendre une minute pour partager avec vous ma joie d’avoir écrit ce tutoriel.

    Pour l’écriture de cet article, j’ai tout fait avec de simples fichiers .rbet je ne le savais pas mais ça m’avait manqué de m’éloigner de mon framework favori - RubyOnRails - et de toute sa magie et de revenir aux basiques de ce qu’est Ruby.

    Et le meilleur dans tout ça ? Les basiques fonctionnent aussi dans les cas plus complexes, donc je vous montrerai comment intégrer tout ça dans votre framework Ruby préféré en fin d’article.


    Pour suivre ce tutoriel, vous aurez besoin de:

    • Ruby installé sur votre machine. J’utilise Ruby dans sa dernière version, actuellement 3.0.0 et je gère mes …
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