Localhost Tunneling with Ngrok on Mac OS X

Localhost Tunneling with Ngrok on Mac OS X

A localhost tunnel comes in handy when you want to share an application running in your local development environment via a publicly-accessible URL. In this quick 2 minute video we will learn how the localhost tunneling tool Ngrok works then download and run it on Mac OS X: Now you’re ready to share your local in-progress applications with others before you perform a full-blown deployment. Links… Read More

How to Use Swift and Vapor to Generate Twilio Access Tokens

Vapor + Twilio = Token

Twilio’s iOS SDKs for Programmable Video, Programmable Chat and Programmable Voice require access tokens to authorize users. Generating these tokens must be done on a server. Rather than learning or using a different programming language on the server, let’s use Swift! Setting Up the Token Machine We’ll use the Vapor web framework for Swift and a small helper library to return access tokens from the server. Here are a few… Read More

Giphy and Twilio Text A GIF Using RapidAPI


This post originally appeared on the RapidAPI blog by Lindsey Kirchoff. RapidAPI is a marketplace where developers can test and connect to multiple APIs from one endpoint. Lindsey created an API Smash using Twilio SMS and Giphy to text GIFs. One of the reasons that we built RapidAPI is to make it easier to call multiple APIs through one console. No more juggling multiple API libraries! We’re starting a series… Read More

More Accurate Call Transcriptions Available Now


Phone call transcription is a must-have for any modern contact center. Not only do transcriptions play a role in training and quality assurance, but they also offer important insights into customer experience. Having the greatest possible accuracy is critical, because these words are driving business decisions. Anyone who’s experienced a failed autocorrect knows how errors in a conversation can change the meaning of what’s being said…. Read More

HTTP Requests in Python 3


The Python Package Index (PyPI) is home to almost 100,000 code library packages that help Python programmers accomplish many tasks ranging from building web applications to analyzing data. PyPI is also home to many helper libraries for APIs such as Twilio. Let’s demonstrate the power of PyPI packages by taking look at how to retrieve and parse JSON results from a RESTful API using four different Python HTTP… Read More

In The Wake Of A Disaster, Team Comeback Kids Gets Students The School Supplies They Need


In August of 2016, torrential downpours caused catastrophic flooding across Southern Louisiana. It dropped the equivalent of 7.1 trillion gallons of water, devastating parishes across the state. Louisianaians were salvaging what they could from the disaster, while scrambling to find a way to prepare their kids for the first day of school. Many low income residents did not have the financial means to replace their kids’… Read More

Serving Users > Using Servers: Catch Up On Jeff’s AWS ReInvent Keynote


Meet Jeff, he’s a software guy. Sure, he’s a proud Michigan Wolverine, a former CTO, now a CEO, but he’s a software person first. Following that mindset guided Jeff from Versity all the way to Twilio. If Versity doesn’t ring a bell, Jeff can give you a refresher. It was the first software business he founded. Versity delivered better class notes to college students. Twilio’s mission… Read More

Make Phone Calls with Crystal and Twilio

We’ve already learned how to send SMS messages with Crystal, a new language that looks like Ruby but runs like C. Doing that required making a simple HTTP request from our Crystal application to the Twilio API. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and see how to make phone calls with Crystal.  Making a call is going to require not only an HTTP request but also receiving… Read More