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  • By Tilde Thurium
    3 Ways To Brick Your Raspberry Pi 3 Ways To Brick Your Raspberry Pi

    I learned over the course of my first hardware project that, well, hardware is hard. Today I’ll show you three easy ways to turn a Raspberry Pi into a paperweight.

    Shorting the +3 Volt Pin

    For this hack, you’ll need a Pi Model 3 B+ and a multimeter. Let’s say you have a button hooked up to your GPIO pins, but pressing the button does nothing and you can’t figure out why.

    Place the prongs of your multimeter on 3v3 power pin and BCM pin 18.

    Don’t use alligator clips to keep your probe steady. Make sure that your hands are so shaky that the probe slips off BCM 18 and hits the 5v pin, letting out all the magic smoke. 🔥

    a fritzing diagram of a Raspberry Pi and a multi-meter in "volt" mode hooked up to the 3v3 pin and the 5v pin and reading 0 volts.


    If your multimeter shows 0 volts on the 3v3 pin, congratulations on successfully bricking your Pi! Of course, if you’re the conscientious sort, you can verify that …

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  • By Scott Kawai
    Navigating iOS 13’s New “Sign In With Apple” feature Navigating iOS 13’s New “Sign In With Apple” feature

    Learn how to set up your Twilio SendGrid account to send to addresses issued by iOS 13’s new Sign In With Apple feature.

    This guide assumes that you have, or will, integrate the Sign In With Apple feature as part of Apple iOS 13 release today in your app and/or website and wish to deliver email through SendGrid to users who use the private email relay option in the Sign in With Apple feature.

    Back in June, Apple held their annual World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose. Along with their usual OS updates, they announced a new OAuth solution called, “Sign In With Apple.” This new feature allows Apple users to quickly sign into websites and apps using their Apple ID. It also contains a new privacy feature that allows Apple users to share a unique, app-specific email address instead of their personal email address. These addresses …

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  • By Marcus Battle
    Broadcast a Voicemail to Multiple Numbers in Laravel PHP with Twilio Voice Broadcast a Voicemail to Multiple Numbers in Laravel PHP with Twilio Voice.png

    My son just started kindergarten and his first year of not being homeschooled. To say that everyone was nervous was an understatement. Luckily, his school is filled with caring people who aren’t afraid to embrace technology for efficient communication (and calming nervous parents).

    There we were, running errands after his drop-off and our phone was alerted with an email including a photo and message of his progress. The personal touch of being able to see him relaxed calmed our anxiety, allowing us to enjoy the remainder of our afternoon.

    No matter how much we advance technology, it’s my opinion that we must find ways to include “human touch” as much as possible, even if it’s automated.

    This got me thinking about how else I would like to be contacted by his school, especially in case of an emergency. Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of 160 characters, I could receive …

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  • By Jeff Lawson
    Unwanted Robocalls: Apple’s New Technology Might Help, But... ios-13-robocall-feature

    Today, Apple officially released iOS 13 which includes an interesting new feature to combat unwanted robocalls. iPhone owners can opt in to the feature called “Silence Unknown Callers” that will send calls originating from phone numbers that are not recognized to voicemail without ringing the phone. That means if a phone number isn’t in contacts, emails, or text messages that have passed through the phone, the call will go straight to voicemail. If the caller leaves a voicemail, the owner of the phone can either listen to the voicemail or read a transcript of it to decide if they want to call back.

    We commend Apple for joining the fight against unwanted communications and recognize this will certainly help reduce the annoyance that we all feel when we get a lot of illegal robocalls. The question is what unintended consequences will it have.  

    Research shows that fewer than 50% of …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Introducing Twilio's Referral Program referral-program-header-image

    At Twilio, nothing makes us happier than hearing that a customer enjoys Twilio so much they want to share it with a friend. In fact, we enjoy it so much we’ve decided to make it easier - and to reward folks out there spreading the good word.

    That’s why today, we’re launching Twilio’s new referral program.  

    (Find your referral link here in Console)

    You and your friends get to use Twilio for free, and we get more customers like you! Win-win-win.

    How the Referral Program works

    We’ve designed the program to be as straightforward as possible. In fact, we can simplify it into only a few bullets (less reading! 🙌)

    • You get a personal referral link that you can share with your networks
    • Users sign up with your link, upgrade, then receive $10 to spend with Twilio
    • For each person you refer who signs up for Twilio and …
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  • By Sasankh Munukutla
    Implementing Multi-Party Calls with VoIP and GSM using the Programmable Voice API Blog post header: Implementing Multi-Party calls with VoIP and GSM using Programmable Voice

    At Tarjimly, we provide free on-demand translation services for refugees and people in need of humanitarian service. We are supported by the Twilio.org Impact Fund, as we are a tech nonprofit tackling the world’s toughest problems through the power of communications. 

    Using Twilio Programmable Voice, our new feature allows translators and aid workers to add additional people to two-way calls (for example, a lawyer or a doctor who can give advice remotely.) While you can do this with a regular conference call, we allow the experience to feel like a regular call to the end-user – backed by a robust infrastructure in the backend supporting up to 250 people on the line.

    In this guide, we aim to take your existing VoIP two-user call capability and build a robust infrastructure that can handle dialing in other users – using only their phone numbers.

    Tarjimly Three-Way Calls diagram

    This guide will focus on …

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  • By Tim Beyers
    Stopping Illegal Robocalls: It’s Complicated signal-2019-combat-robocalls

    I remember when my family got its first cordless phone. Not being tied to a telephone cord and being able to walk around anywhere in the house and still be able to talk to someone was a panacea – especially for a 12 year old. There was a lot of classified information being exchanged between my friends and I about sports and computer games which could only be shared in the privacy of my bedroom.

    It was a liberating feeling to say the least.

    It was even more liberating when RIM provided me a Blackberry, email-enabled, pager for my undergraduate engineering final project. Soon after graduation, I got my first cellphone, which was just gaining mainstream adoption. It was used and had a cracked screen - but it didn’t matter. When I started getting called, I loved it. The fact that I could barely read the screen did not …

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  • By Twilio
    Important Change to the Philippines Local Numbering Plan Local Number Philippines Change

    At Twilio, it’s important for us to share when there are changes to phone numbers that may affect you. There is an upcoming change for all Philippines local numbers in Metro Manila and neighboring areas bearing the 02 area code. If you have provisioned phone numbers in the 02 area code, you will receive email communications about this change.

    Starting October 6, 2019, between 12:01 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Philippine Standard Time (PST) / October 5, 4:01 to 9:00 p.m. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), all Philippines local numbers in the Metro Manila neighboring areas bearing the 02 area code will change from 7 to 8 digits in length (or from 10 to 11 digits if you count the country code of +63).

    The new 8-digit local numbering plan is the result of new regulations implemented by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in the Philippines.

    Every Twilio +632 phone number will …

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  • By Matthew Gilliard
    Working with HTML on the Web Using Java and jsoup Working with HTML on the Web Using Java and jsoup

    So, you need to parse HTML in your Java application. Perhaps you are extracting data from a website that doesn’t have an API, or allowing users to put arbitrary HTML into your app and you need to check that they haven’t tried to do anything nasty?

    Have you tried using regular expressions?  It won’t end well. The author of that now-infamous text managed to recover from their distress enough to suggest using an XML parser (before, presumably, collapsing into the void). The problem with this is that an awful lot of the HTML in the world is not valid XML. People open tags without closing them, they nest tags wrongly, and generally commit all kinds of XML faux pas. Some non-XML constructs are perfectly valid HTML and admirably, browsers just cope with it.

    To adopt the flexible and stylish attitude of web browsers, you really need a dedicated …

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  • By Alex Baban
    How to Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with JavaScript and Node.js How to Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with JavaScript and Node.js

    With Google Sheets (online spreadsheet app from Google) you can easily collaborate in real-time with coworkers, clients, or others. The structure and simplicity of keeping data in rows and columns brings many benefits.

    WhatsApp is a popular app for smartphones that offers a replacement to traditional text messaging systems. It allows you to send messages to another person who is also using WhatsApp. You can send simple text messages and you can also send attachments containing pictures, audio clips or video recordings.

    In this post, you will learn how to create a Node.js application which can be used to send WhatsApp messages to multiple recipients. It uses a Google Sheets spreadsheet as the data source for contacts and Twilio's API for WhatsApp to send the messages.

    We'll take an iterative approach building this application. Let's start with a name and call it "A Message Sender".

    What you'll need

    • A Google …
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