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  • By Jacob Talbot
    At SIGNAL you can help accelerate social good SIGNAL Accelerate Social Good with Child Helpline International

    The Great Digital Acceleration is changing the way social impact organizations build positive change at global scale. Over the past several months we’ve seen nonprofits from all around the world build innovative solutions to support people impacted by the pandemic and maintain program services using digital technology. At SIGNAL, you can see these solutions in action and help build for good too.

    Today we're sharing a new way that SIGNAL attendees can support social impact in three simple steps. Here’s how you can get engaged.

    Step 1: Grab a ticket and learn from leading changemakers

    Join us to see how nonprofits use communications to change lives for good. You can register for a free Explorer pass, which includes live access to 25+ product and content sessions, new product announcements, and special guests. Here are a few of the exciting leaders in social impact speaking at SIGNAL.

    How the International …

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  • By Emily Joy Krohn
    How to Improve Your Java Workflow with GitHub API header - How to Improve Your Java Workflow with GitHub API

    By now, you have probably heard about the GitHub API. Or you know what GitHub is and you know what an API is. Or you just Googled it, that’s okay too.

    From automating GitHub processes to just being a command line fanatic, the GitHub API can be used in many different ways. By taking a brief look at the documentation, you can see the GitHub API can do just about everything and more.

    Stay tuned to find out many cool features you probably didn’t know the GitHub API has and make your automation process a walk in the park.

    Read to the end for a quick and easy tutorial!

    The Convenience of GitHub API

    As many enterprises use GitHub in their everyday work, it may not come as a surprise to learn the base URL can be different from those which are public repositories.

    The most difficult part in …

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  • By Matthew Gilliard
    How to build a CLI app in Java using jbang and picocli Title card: How to build a CLI app in Java using jbang and picocli

    Traditionally Java applications have been used for long-running processes - web application servers can run for days or weeks at a time. The JVM handles this well: Garbage Collection is efficient over huge amounts of memory, and Profile-Guided Optimization can make your code faster the longer it runs.

    However, it’s perfectly possible to write short-lived apps too, and in this post I’ll show how to build a CLI app whose total runtime is just a couple of seconds. You can build sophisticated CLI tools in Java for data processing, connection to databases, fetching data from the web, or taking advantage of any of the Java libraries that you're used to.

    I’ll use jbang for packaging and running the app, and picocli to handle argument parsing and output.  The app will send an SMS using Twilio’s Messaging API, in a single Java source file less than 100 lines long. …

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  • By Mridu Bhatnagar
    Get a Word of the Day SMS with Python and Twilio Get a Word of the Day SMS with Python and Twilio

    Due to the current Coronavirus situation all of us are doing more work online. For effective collaboration, good written communication skills have become the need of the hour. Taking this into account I decided to build a service that sends a new word, along with its definition, each day as an SMS notification.

    This tutorial will show you how to create a service that sends you a new word every day using the Twilio Programmable Messaging APIs, Python and Heroku. Below you can see the notifications that come on my smart phone each day.

    word of the day demo

    Tutorial Requirements

    To follow this you need the following components:

    • Python 3.6 or newer. If your operating system does not provide a Python interpreter, you can go to python.org to download an installer.
    • A smartphone with an active phone number and SMS capability.
    • A Twilio account. If you are new to Twilio create a free account …
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  • By Mallory Butt
    How to Send and Test HTTP Requests for Twilio SMS in Postman header - How to Send and Test HTTP Requests for Twilio SMS in Postman

    Learning how to use a 3rd party API can be difficult especially when you need to visually see the calls you’re making. Perhaps you’re developing your own API and need to test it along the way. Thus, knowing a nifty API development tool such as Postman can make your life much easier!

    In this post, I am going to demonstrate how to use Postman to make and send a request as well as test any API endpoint. We are going to POST to Twilio’s messaging API to send a text message from my Twilio phone number to my personal phone number.

    woman saying shoot me a text


    To complete this tutorial, you will need the following.

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  • By Nikolay Nikolov
    Build a Node.js Proxy Server in Under 10 minutes! header - Build a Node.js Proxy Server in Under 10 minutes!

    We have all heard the term “proxy”. It might sound like it’s some kind of portal to a new dimension from the Matrix movies, but it turns out it’s very real...and very useful!

    In a nutshell, a proxy is an intermediary application which sits between two (or more) services and processes/modifies the requests and responses in both directions. This sounds complicated, I know, but let’s try with a simpler analogy:

    Imagine you meet someone from Spain, but you don’t speak Spanish. What do you do? Well, you remember that your friend Santiago knows both Spanish and English and can translate for you.

    people talking to each other in different languages asking about the other person's favorite music

    The process goes like this:

    1. You tell something to Santiago in English
    2. Santiago translates it to Spanish in his head and says it in Spanish to your new friend
    3. Your new friend replies back to Santiago in Spanish
    4. Santiago then translates it in his head and tells you …
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  • By Layla Porter
    Broadcasting with SignalR and .NET Core Boradcasting with SignalR and .NET Core

    SignalR is a library for .NET developers for adding real-time web functionality to applications. It is often used for real-time chat applications but is also great for live dashboards and games!

    SignalR takes advantage of several transports, automatically selecting the best available transport given the client and server's capabilities. SignalR uses WebSockets under the hood when available, and gracefully falls back to other techniques and technologies when it isn't.

    I've recently been working with Twitch chatbots and wanted to use SignalR to update browser scenes based on commands sent in via my viewers.

    This meant that I would need to call a SignalR broadcast from a different project.

    This blog will share how to do that.

    If you would like to see my completed project, it's available on my GitHub here.

    What you'll need:

    • A basic knowledge of ASP.NET Core
    • .NET Core 3.1 installed
    • An IDE such as Visual …
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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    TwilioQuest 24時間チャレンジ開催のおしらせ TQ - Summer Challenge


    さて、先日7月4日にTwilioJP-UG岡山さん主催によるTwilioQuest Nightがオンラインで開催されました。

    takeshi.furusato.blog - TwilioJP-UG Okayama #4 TwilioQuest Night を開催しました。

    今回はこのイベントをもとにTwilio Japanとして2020年8月28日(金)〜 29日(土)にかけて獲得経験値を競う「TwilioQuest 24時間チャレンジ」を開催します。



    参考記事 - Game + Tutorial = TwilioQuest3のはじめかた


    今回のTwilioQuest 24時間チャレンジは制限時間内にどれだけ経験値を獲得できるかを競うイベントとなります。ご自身が興味のあるミッションを好きな時間にプレイできるため、これまで使ったことのないプロダクトや言語などに挑戦することができます。


    • TwilioQuest Tシャツ( …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Working with a Dataset header img dataset

    Recently I was looking for some datasets to analyze and make predictions based on data for a blog post project. I got stuck when I kept running into datasets that were fun but not good: oftentimes, AI projects struggle due in part to data-related issues.

    What makes a dataset good or bad? What are some things you should consider when looking at a dataset? How should you interpret a dataset, from beginning to end? Read on to find out!

    5 questions to ask yourself before working with a dataset

    1. How was the data compiled? 

    Was it aggregated from multiple sources? Did you compile it? If it came from different sources, you may have to format the data so different variables within a given attribute are consistent, such as dates, times, addresses, states or cities (maybe they’re abbreviated?), numbers like currency, etc., and some of the data may not be …

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  • By John Hartmann
    Twilio's Omni-Channel Approach: A Self-Service Win/Win, Finally Realized Selfserv win-win

    The idea of “DIY” (do-it-yourself) is nothing new. Yes, it has grown in popularity recently due to tools such as Youtube, Instagram, and the like, but the concept of DIY has been around since the 1950’s. People take pride in being able to carry out professional grade tasks without direct aid from experts or professionals.

    In the Contact Center world, we want customers to have tools to do things themselves – without a live agent. The promise of self service has proven elusive. For decades we have struggled to provide rich experiences that create high satisfaction with self service applications. I submit that a combination of new capabilities, shifting customer preference for omni communications and an increased willingness to do-it-yourself has finally allowed us to realize the self service win-win where both businesses and customers benefit.

    Attempts at self-service in customer interactions

    The idea of self-service is sound; companies …

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