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  • By Ankit Jain
    Create a Real-Time Twitter Stream in PHP using Pusher and Laravel Create a Real-Time Twitter Stream App in PHP using Pusher and Laravel.png


    Laravel is one of the most famous PHP MVC frameworks, largely due to its commitment to modern architecture and active community. Laravel 7, the latest release, has added the coolest new features like Blade-X, Stubs, Cache optimization, and much more.

    Pusher is the hosted service that enables developers to add real time data and functionality easily and securely by taking care of all the heavy lifting under the hood.

    Laravel supports Pusher integration very gracefully, which makes it very easy for developers to add real-time functionality to their application. In this tutorial, we will be using Twitter APIs to fetch tweets based on a specific hashtag, and create a dashboard to display them in real-time using Pusher.

    How does Pusher work?

    Pusher uses Channels to provide real-time communication between the server and the client. What are these Channels? Pusher Channels are based on the popular Publish/Subscribe Model. …

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  • By Diane Phan
    What's Cookin’? Build an Image Recognition App on WhatsApp using Twilio MMS, Clarifai API, Python, and Flask Header image for with title "What's Cookin’? Build an Image Recognition App on WhatsApp using Twilio MMS, Clarifai API, Python, and Flask"

    Food and photos go hand in hand - if there’s food, then you know there’s going to be an impromptu photoshoot to show it off. There are plenty of apps online that promote the lifestyle of making sure “the camera eats first” on any occasion, no matter where you are.

    Completing this tutorial will allow you to apply image recognition on pictures that your friends and family share in WhatsApp.

    gif demonstrating the play through of sending and receiving messages in  the WhatsApp picture sharing and image recognition app

    In this article, we’ll walk you through how you can develop a functional Python program to easily share and identify media content in a private sandbox through WhatsApp using Twilio Programmable MMS, Clarifai API, and Flask.

    Tutorial Requirements

    In order to build this project, you will need to have the following items ready:

    • Python 3.6 or newer. If your operating system does not provide a Python interpreter, you can go to python.org to download an installer. …
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  • By Kyle Lawlor-Bagcal
    Build an SMS Dashboard with Python, Flask and Twilio Build an SMS Dashboard with Python, Flask and Twilio

    In this tutorial we will build a dashboard for receiving Twilio SMS messages on your computer. What we will build here can be a foundation for a custom dashboard project. By the end of the tutorial you will have a web application running on your computer which you can use to check SMS messages on your Twilio phone number.

    The dashboard we build will allow us to view all incoming and outgoing messages. Here is how it looks:

    SMS Dashboard Screenshot

    Getting set up for this tutorial

    There are a few prerequisite steps we need to follow before we begin working through the code.

    1. Install Python version >= 3.6 on your computer
    2. Set up your Twilio Account
    3. Set up your Python virtual environment

    We assume that you already have Python installed. We will now walk through setting up your Twilio account and preparing the virtual environment.

    Setting up your Twilio Account

    If you …

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  • By Sam Agnew
    How to Write Lua Scripts for Video Games with the BizHawk Emulator Copy of Generic Blog Header 1.png

    BizHawk is a multi-system emulator beloved by the Tool Assisted Speedrun community for its recording/playback and debugging tools, as well as Lua scripting functionality that can be used for a variety of purposes.

    While there is basic documentation describing some of the functions available in these scripts, the lack of working code samples might make it difficult for some to get started. Let's walk through some of the Lua scripting features the BizHawk emulator provides, and have some fun with real examples.

    Setting up the BizHawk emulator

    BizHawk runs on multiple operating systems, but Lua scripting is only available on the Windows versions. If you are on Mac or Linux, you can use Wine, although setup might be a bit of an involved process depending on which version of which operating system you're using.

    There are installation instructions in the README of the project's repository, including an installer …

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  • By Aymen Naim
    Announcing the beta release of Voice Diagnostics Web App and RTC Diagnostics SDK Announcing the beta release of Voice Diagnostics Web App and RTC Diagnostics SDK

    We are thrilled to announce the beta release of the Voice Diagnostics Web App and the accompanying RTC Diagnostics SDK and Client JS SDK's Device.testPreflight. These tools are designed to simplify checking for browser calling readiness and diagnosing network related issues. Today, they are available in beta and they are open source.

    Image shows how A typical VoIP service requires many connected parts to work together flawlessly. The Voice Diagnostics Web App and SDK help with checking for VoIP calling readiness

    A typical VoIP service requires many connected parts to work together flawlessly. The Voice Diagnostics Web App and SDK help with checking for VoIP calling readiness

    Twilio Programmable Voice and WebRTC capable browsers have paved the path for VoIP and contact center service providers to implement cheaper and more engaging calling experiences compared to …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Best Practices for Twilio Video on Mobile Browsers Best Practices for Twilio Video on Mobile Browsers

    Over the last few months, we have seen a surge in interest from developers building video communication web apps for mobile devices. We have worked closely with customers to overcome obstacles inherent in using video in the browser on a mobile device. Based on these experiences, we've compiled a list of best practices so you can avoid the pitfalls and deliver great video experiences in mobile browsers.

    Mobile Browser Challenges

    A  web app running in a mobile phone web browser is the quickest and easiest way to get into a video call. Just click on the web link from a text message or email and you can be in a video call on your phone in seconds - no app install required.

    However, there are some challenges unique to mobile browsers that do not exist with their desktop counterparts. The top gotchas that often catch developers out are:

    • Another tab …
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  • By Hugo Fiennes
    Twilio and Electric Imp Come Together to Solve Tough IoT Challenges Twilio Acquire Electric Imp

    This announcement appeared first on the Electric Imp blog.

    We are really excited that Electric Imp is now part of the Twilio family.

    Twilio & Electric Imp have been hard at work solving different aspects of the IoT problem, and in our regular conversations we acknowledged how complementary our offerings were, and also how alike our approaches were.

    A significant partnership for IoT

    This partnership brings together two critical aspects of IoT: reliable global connectivity and a mature application platform, enabling our customers to build solutions in less time than ever before - and deploy them worldwide.

    There are few companies as developer-centric as Twilio – just like Electric Imp, much of Twilio’s business grew from enabling developers to experiment with new applications. At Electric Imp, we realized the combination of our platform with Twilio’s trusted brand, services, huge developer base, and global reach could enable the creation of …

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  • By Andrew Milner
    Build an IVR Menu and Podcast Selector with Twilio Studio IVR Menu Podcast Studio

    In a recent blog post, about building a dial-in podcast service, I looked at accessibility; specifically, at how the trusty telephone brings us all closer, and can even make podcasts available to all, without expecting everyone to embrace computers and the internet.

    Now, it's great to cater for a non-technical audience or those who don’t have internet access, but what if the person providing the dial-in service is a bit of a techno-phobe too or is simply busy with other things (e.g. local business owners)? Or: what if you can see the potential of Twilio phone numbers for your business or club or charity, but can't afford to employ a programmer to put your ideas into practice.

    Your club secretary or church or local library – along with thousands of small businesses in the area – might have all sorts of information which they want to publicise, but …

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  • By Gisell Mendez-Maimone
    Il Mittente Alfanumerico di Twilio : Il potere del tuo brand! Il potere del tuo brand!

    Il mondo di oggi evolve ad una velocità impressionante, i bisogni degli utenti sono mutevoli, la concorrenza si moltiplica. Cosa state facendo per essere visibili sul mercato?

    Avete uno strumento potentissimo letteralmente a portata di mano che vi aiuterà a personalizzare l'esperienza di interazione tra i vostri clienti ed il vostro brand.

    L’articolo di oggi tratta di uno strumento semplice ma forse uno dei più efficaci per imprimere il vostro marchio su ogni comunicazione SMS. Parliamo del Mittente Alfanumerico / Alphanumeric Sender ID di Twilio.

    La logica è semplice: quando contattate i vostri utenti, essi riceveranno un messaggio SMS sul loro cellulare. Ma invece di visualizzare un numero qualsiasi, il mittente è personalizzabile con il nome della vostra azienda o campagna di marketing. Così anche prima di leggere il testo sapranno che siete voi ad inviare il messaggio.

    Se si desidera ricevere risposte, è possibile includere un numero di contatto, …

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  • By Brad McAllister
    Build a Serverless Email to SMS Gateway with Twilio and AWS Lambda Serverless Email to SMS

    As a solutions architect at Twilio, I have the opportunity to speak with customers on a daily basis. Each customer has unique requirements and in many cases, a customer is trying to enable SMS notifications for legacy systems that only support email. These customers quickly realize that sending an email to <phone number>@<wireless carrier>.com doesn’t scale.

    Even though creating an application to handle email-to-SMS is very straightforward, the pushback I receive from customers is that they don’t want to maintain a server to host it. In this post, I’ll show you how to create a serverless Email to SMS gateway using a combination of Twilio SendGrid and AWS Lambda.

    How does this SMS gateway work?

    SendGrid accepts the inbound email and triggers a HTTP POST to our AWS API gateway. The payload of the POST request is then processed by Lambda. Using the Twilio helper library, an outbound SMS …

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