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  • By Michael Okoko
    Build Your Own API Analytics in Vue.js with PHP, Laravel, and Twilio Sync Build Your Own API Analytics in Vue.js with PHP, Laravel, and Twilio Sync

    Twilio Sync is a service provided by Twilio that helps you keep your application state in sync across different services. Specifically, it provides a “stack-agnostic” API that helps you add real-time capabilities to your application.

    In this article, we will explore how we can build a custom real-time API analytics tool powered by Sync Lists, a Sync primitive type that helps us synchronize individual JSON objects.

    NOTE: You can learn more about Sync Lists and other primitives from the Twilio Sync Object Overview.


    To complete this tutorial you will need the following:

    Creating the Sample Application

    We will generate a fresh application with the Laravel installer and enter into the project directory with:

    $ laravel …
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  • By Imran Khan
    Build a Soccer Stats WhatsApp Chatbot with Python, Flask and Twilio Build a Soccer Stats WhatsApp Chatbot with Python, Flask and Twilio

    There isn’t much live sport to watch at the moment which gives us the perfect opportunity to analyze historical data about the sport instead!  In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to build a basic chatbot for WhatsApp using the Twilio API for WhatsApp and the Flask framework for Python.

    The chatbot will allow users to get information about soccer teams and match statistics.  Here’s an example showing how it works:

    soccer chatbot demo

    Tutorial requirements

    To follow this tutorial you will need the following:

    • Python 3.6 or newer.  You can download an installer from python.org.
    • Flask.  We will use this web framework to build an application that responds to incoming WhatsApp messages.
    • ngrok. We will use this free utility to connect our Flask application running on our local system to a public URL that Twilio can connect to from the Internet.  Installation instructions for your operating system …
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  • By Gary Hockin
    Verifying Email Addresses in PHP Got Easy Verifying Email Addresses in PHP Got Easy

    As web developers, we end up creating a ton of login systems, and part of the “create user” flow is invariably verifying that the email address entered by the user is real, and owned by that person.

    Typically we'll verify the email address by sending an email to that address with a unique token as a query parameter in a link that the recipient should click. Creating the forms and handling the data entry is relatively easy in PHP; we have libraries and frameworks that can help with these everyday tasks. But nobody wants to configure and maintain a mail server to send out email verification requests.

    Luckily for us, Twilio Verify now supports email verification so we can send email verification requests complete with an auto-generated token with a single API call to Twilio. Once our user has clicked the link, we can validate the token is correct with …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Create, Innovate, and Make Art with Machine Learning Make Art with Machine Learning

    One thing I love about programming is the chance to get creative. There are many cool APIs that help developers make art. This post will go over how to generate text from another text or image, recognize celebrities' faces, colorize photos and videos, and perform neural style transfer using the machine learning library DeepAI.

    the Scream edited pikachu image

    What is DeepAI?

    DeepAI is a platform that aggregates guides such as Separate sampling: its effects and one potential solution, as well as research, data science, a glossary, a newsletter, job listings, and more to increase AI accessibility to both consumers and developers. This post will look at some of its machine learning models and APIs that can help you get creative juices flowing.

    They offer language support for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C#, and you can also hit the APIs with a cURL request.


    To follow along with this post, make …

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  • By Corey Weathers
    How to Build a Conference Line with Twilio, ASP.NET Core, and C# How to Build a Conference Line with Twilio and C#

    Another conference call, another app, another PIN, another log-in. Joining conference calls should be as simple as dialing a phone number, without needing to enter random conference IDs. In this post, we will walk through how you can build a conference line that anyone can join, using Twilio with C# and ASP.NET Core.

    Developer Environment Setup

    Let's make sure you have the software you need to build this conference line. For this, you will need:

    Create the ASP.NET Core Project

    Get started by creating a folder for your project. I'll be using C:\Code\Conference in this post but you can use your preferred project path. Open a command prompt and enter the following commands.

    mkdir C:\Code\Conference & cd C:\Code\Conference
    dotnet new webapi
    dotnet add package Twilio
    code .

    It will create …

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  • By Toby Allen
    Working around PSTN congestion with Twilio Client Working around PSTN congestion with Twilio Client

    In these unprecedented times of social distancing and a virus pandemic, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of voice calls being made. Our Supernetwork team is working around the clock to ensure that calls make it through. However, in some areas, we are seeing that lines from carriers are so congested that the calls are never reaching Twilio. Here in this tutorial, we will outline some options to bypass the congestion on the PSTN by using Twilio Client.

    Twilio Client is a WebRTC based voice client that works in browsers and mobile devices using a data connection. Once a client call is connected to Twilio it can be routed directly to your existing infrastructure via SIP or uncongested PSTN paths allowing calls to continue to flow.

    The Idea

    Currently, your customers and staff may be struggling to connect to your contact centers or business-critical services because …

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  • By Arvind Rangarajan
    How to Build a Protected Conference Line in a Few Minutes using Studio Conference Line Protected Header

    With many people shifting to working remotely, the need for collaboration tools is increasing. Twilio offers many options that allow developers to build collaboration solutions like video chat or voice conferencing solutions.

    This blog post walks you through how to create a protected voice conferencing line using Twilio Studio in a couple of minutes - to help your remote workforce continue to communicate.  

    In Studio, a Flow is executed from an incoming call or SMS to your Twilio number, or you could trigger an outbound flow via a REST API request. Once in a Flow, Studio offers various ways to control calls and message flows, including but not limited to:

    • Saying or playing messages to a callee
    • Gathering input from the callee such as digits or voice messages
    • Making an HTTP request to a third-party system

    It is simple to build a protected conference line using Twilio Studio and studio …

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  • By Chas Bowman
    Create Queues and Skills for A Flex Contact Center Flex Queues and Agent Skills

    You’ve just deployed Flex and you might be asking yourself: what’s next.

    Next, you’ll need to start thinking about your routing and queueing strategy. In this blog post, we will cover some basic options for queueing and skilling – it sets the groundwork on how you will report and analyze your contact center business.

    Let’s get started!

    What We’re Building Today

    Flex has the ability to leverage the full power of Twilio TaskRouter. TaskRouter is a powerful attributes-based routing system, the heart of the contact center. It’s also fully programmable, allowing you to control your contact center from your code. We’ll walk through a simple use case today: “How can I setup a contact center to support my customers and employees using Flex?”.

    To do this, we are going to build two new Task Queues: Customer Service and Employee Service. These will provide the ability to …

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  • By Chas Bowman
    Deploy a Remote Agent Contact Center in 30 Minutes With Twilio Flex Flex Remote Agent Contact Center


    You might be in a position where you urgently need a new contact center that enables your employees to work remotely. This article will guide you through deploying Twilio Flex – a cloud-based contact center with native WebRTC support – in just 30 minutes.

    Twilio Flex can be instantly provisioned and provides you the immediate ability to start testing voice calls, SMS, and web-chat. In this blog post, we'll show you how to quickly create a solution that enables contact center agents to work from their homes.

    Before We Get Started...

    Deploy a Remote Agent Contact Center

    Now that you are logged into your Twilio account, you’re ready to start setting up a new Flex Instance.

    In these next steps, I’ll guide you through creating …

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  • By Tilde Thurium
    How to build a conference line with Twilio Studio How to build a conference call line with Twilio Studio

    Twilio Studio is a visual application builder that allows you to write conditional logic for handling messaging flows without writing any code. In this post I’ll walk you through how to build a conference call line using Twilio Studio.


    Creating your Studio Flow for conference calling

    Head over to the Studio Dashboard. Click the “+” button to create a new Flow.

    You’ll be prompted to give it a name. Let’s call it “conference call.”

    Screenshot of the dialog box for creating a new Studio Flow. There's a "Flow Name" input field, that has the text "conference call" in it, as well as Cancel and Next buttons.

    On the next screen select “start from scratch” and …

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