New webhooks and reporting for Twilio Authy (2FA) and Verify (phone verification) APIs

We’ve recently updated Twilio’s market leading set of APIs for account security with reporting and event notification capabilities to give you real time, and detailed data about user verifications, authentications and other important account security events. Protecting your customer accounts requires constant monitoring of your sign-up, authentication, and recovery processes to look for trends and areas for improvement. The ways in which users interact with your… Read More

I Sent Valentine’s Day Text Reminders to My Boyfriend Using Twilio Studio

Plot Twist, he didn’t know it was me! Last year, my partner and I didn’t plan anything for Valentine’s day because we were super caught up with our own personal schedules. This year, I’ve realized that we, again, haven’t had a chance to plan anything for the holiday because he has been incredibly busy with work. Considering I still want to be able to celebrate the… Read More

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Delivered via Twilio Studio

Weeks ago, you had the best intentions of getting a Valentine’s day present. But, something came up. Now, yet again, you’re scrambling at the last minute. This happens to the best of us. In the immortal words of The Hitchhiker’s’ Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t panic.” We’ve got you covered. I’m going to show you how to build a Valentines Day app that will help you… Read More

Creating and Publishing Web Components with Stencil

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Web Components is a technology I’ve been excited about for years. The idea is that you can create your own UI components that are supported in the browser regardless of which framework you are using (or none at all for that matter). However, there wasn’t much traction around them until recently. The web components APIs are pretty low level by themselves but projects like Polymer are trying to… Read More

How to Host a Python and Flask Facebook Messenger Bot on Heroku

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With the rise of bots, people can create new tools to help make people’s lives easier. In the first part of this bot series, we discussed how to make a Facebook Messenger bot using Python, Flask, and Ngrok. However, for a bot in production, having all the requests processed on your personal computer won’t work well. That’s where a hosting service like Heroku can come in. Services… Read More

Lazarus: Twilio’s Cloud Scale Automated Microservice Remediation System

Is there anyone who likes being on call, waking up in the middle of the night to a buzzing pager, then having to execute a remediation runbook while half-asleep? Most startups operate like this during the early phases of their company growth. As a company grows, this model of operation is neither sustainable nor an optimal use of engineering resources. To truly scale, you will need… Read More

A Developer’s Guide to Responding to National Security Letters

When the FBI Shows Up at Your Office with an NSL When you receive thousands of requests from law enforcement each year, it’s actually not a surprise when a representative from the FBI shows up at your office to deliver a request for information. There are no cloaks or daggers involved, just a sealed manila envelope. The San Francisco FBI office is very familiar with working… Read More

Announcing the Twilio Transparency Report

Twilio Publishes Two National Security Letters as Part of Second Half 2017 Transparency Report Today, Twilio is publishing our sixth semi-annual transparency report detailing total volume of government requests for information received by Twilio, how Twilio responded to such requests and how Twilio notified users of such requests. Twilio’s transparency report for the second half of 2017 reflects a continued increase in the number of requests… Read More Funds Four New Organizations

Did you know that offers API credit and discounted pricing for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today.     Whether it’s a text message between an inmate and his daughter, a call that reminds a refugee of their citizenship appointment or a conversation between a counselor and a struggling teenager, the right communication at the right time can change lives. The Impact Fund… Read More