Twilio Sendgrid

Deliver an exceptional email experience

Email is the backbone of your customer engagement. The Twilio SendGrid Email API gives you the flexibility to turn your ideas into reality, and the support to scale them into production.


How it works

Twilio SendGrid delivers

Integration & Preparation
Proven Mail Transfer
Ongoing Delivery Optimization


Undelivered emails are

missed opportunities


Maximize inbox placement

Use our hybrid, fully-redundant MTA for powerful performance, including automated queue handling and throttle risk detection.

Protect your reputation as a trusted sender

Improve email deliverability with sender authentication, SPF and DKIM, reverse DNS, and dedicated IP addresses.

Get an edge on the competition

Benefit from peering to directly deliver email to Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Apple. Consult with email experts who serve on industry-leading groups M3AAWG, ESPC, DMA, and EEC.

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Whether you’re sending 100 emails

or 100 billion—it just works


90 billion

emails sent each month

1.9 second

median email delivery speed

99% deliverability

for customers like Nextdoor


four nines uptime SLA


Built to deliver a better

email experience

Integrate & Onboard
One Platform
Analytics & Tools
Privacy & Security

Get started with a few lines of code

  • Integrate with our RESTful APIs and SMTP in minutes
  • Code in your preferred language (libraries in 7 languages)
  • Start building your email program with interactive docs
  • Create email templates, view stats, and troubleshoot delivery in an intuitive UI
  • Add onboarding services to help with email program architecture or email service migration

Simplify your stack with one email platform for your whole team

  • Create personalized email templates that your team can test, edit, and deploy
  • Segment delivery and engagement data for analysis and optimization
  • Invite collaborators with secure permission-based users and API Keys
  • Manage recipient suppressions for all messages sent via Email API or Marketing Campaigns

Uplevel your email with powerful tools and analytics

  • Monitor engagement data (delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced)
  • Use searchable email activity to organize email events by message for fast delivery troubleshooting
  • Absorb the Event Webhook to create a customized analytics dashboard
  • Keep invalid emails off your contact list with the Email Validation API

Protect your brand reputation with a trusted provider

  • Control account security with Teammate Permissions, API Keys, 2FA, and IP access management
  • Protect data privacy with Event Webhook Security, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and opportunistic and enforced TLS encryption
  • Keep messages secure with authentication standards DMARC, DKIM, and BIMI
  • Prevent malicious email activity with dedicated fraud and compliance teams

Use cases

Optimize your customer experience

across the entire lifecycle

From signup confirmation to ongoing nurture messages, manage all your emails in one place and create custom triggers to deliver them when you want.

Transactional email

Account creation

Shipping notification

Password recovery

Terms of service updates

Marketing email

Product recommendations

Nurture campaigns

Customer loyalty program

Monthly newsletter

Multichannel engagement

Start with email and stay

connected on any channel

With the Twilio platform, you can meet your customers on the communication channels they prefer—email, SMS, voice, or video.


Get started

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