Open Sesame: Control a Garage Door with Twilio Studio, Sync and a WiFi Module

Communication between the worlds of humans and machines doesn’t need to be apocalyptically hard or prohibitively expensive. In this project, we are going to build a voice call operated garage door opener with an ESP8266 dev board and a relay. In order to stitch all the parts together, we will use our visual workflow builder Studio and Sync for IoT. We use Twilio Sync for IoT and Studio… Read More

Build a Serverless Remote-Controlled Lego Robot with Twilio Sync and Runtime

The world of Internet connected devices is exploding and there are billions of things already online. Today we’ll skip the smart thermostats and fridges and move straight to programmable droids. Building Your Droid We use Twilio Sync for IoT in this project, which is currently in Developer Preview. Sign up for the preview, and the team will get you on-boarded. To keep this project entertaining, repurposable, and extensible,… Read More