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  • By Benjamin Stein
    Introducing the Redesigned Twilio Status Page sN5mLe_GvkXRyeu3-ckYqRVfS4t4YTHfoIxNm9o5R47T3e2p6SnWGwElVBtUL1iUJU55MiAHt7vUMzlUCbZhHr_R7Jc1ZarkLZ79qE4nGpWnzWwioxhRurpQw140k12ONqc_Qqh6

    We’re excited to announce today that the Twilio Status Page is unveiling a new design and vastly enhanced functionality!

    Every month, thousands of customers rely on Twilio’s status page to monitor the current health of our products and services. Our newly redesigned Status Page continues to deliver on our commitment to provide radical transparency to customers like you who trust us with their business-critical communications.

    When things don’t work as expected, our customers value simple and actionable indicators and alerts which convey an incident’s impact to them. Our old status page, while providing high levels of transparency, often forced customers to separate signal from noise. Without the ability to create fine-grained filters for products and regions you care about, our alerts had become too noisy.

    We’re listening. We took your invaluable feedback to heart, and are proud to share our new status page design today.

    What has changed with our …

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  • By Benjamin Stein
    Introducing Twilio Studio, the Fastest Way to Build With Twilio twilio_studio_blog

    It’s no secret that great customer engagement is 🔑  for business. However, one of the biggest challenges companies face today is bridging the gap between the experience that customers expect, and the reality of what the company can actually deliver.

    Helping businesses solve this “communication divide” faster is why we’re so excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Twilio Engagement Cloud suite of services—it’s called Twilio Studio.

    Twilio Studio is a visual interface that allows companies to accelerate the development of world-class customer engagement applications. With Twilio Studio, software developers and cross-functional teams can collaborate to build a variety of engagement solutions, such as interactive voice response (IVR) systems, conversational messaging bots, or notification workflows in minutes instead of weeks.

    If you’ve used Twilio before, then you have experienced firsthand our dedication to getting you to production as fast as possible. Through our simple, …

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  • By Benjamin Stein
    Declarative APIs JME_0278

    When Twilio started, our mission was to bring the flexibility of software to the stodgy and inflexible world of communication. Our APIs enabled developers to make phone calls and to send text messages in a way they never could before.

    As developers brought innovative Twilio-powered applications to market, we started to see patterns — places developers got stuck and common challenges they were having. So we started building tools like Copilot to effectively deliver messages, and Insights to understand how your phone calls perform in real-time.

    And as developers brought even MORE innovative applications to market, we again saw developers repeating design application patterns and boilerplate functionality that was important for their application, but not core to their business. Problems such as two factor authentication or managing a customer’s communication preferences.

    For many of these problems, we found ourselves asking “Why isn’t that an API?”. So we began wrapping up …

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  • By Benjamin Stein
    Welcome Beepsend to the Twilio Family: Expanding Twilio’s Super Network BeepsendJoinsTeamTwilio

    Imagine you’re standing on the corner in the rain, texting your driver. If that text message takes 2 minutes to arrive, that would feel like an eternity. Now imagine your credit card company texts you, reminding you that your bill is due tomorrow. You’re not waiting in the rain for that alert. It doesn’t matter if it arrives at 1:30pm or 1:32pm.
    As you can see, not all text messages are the same. Different types of messages have different requirements for deliverability, capabilities, latency, and cost. Twilio’s “Super Network” is our software layer that interconnects with telecom networks around the world. We continually analyze data to optimize the quality and cost of communications that flow through the Twilio platform. In other words, this is how Twilio properly routes both your run-of-the-mill credit card bill reminder and that urgent text from your driver while you’re waiting in the rain. The more …

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